Try these crazy personalization hacks to make your KTM Duke stand out!

Try these crazy personalization hacks to make your KTM Duke stand out!

Points to note:

  1. The personalization tips we have selected below can easily be executed by your local mechanic!
  2. We recommend purchasing original spares from an authorised dealer only.

Rash and Brash! The KTM Duke twins have transformed the way people look at a dual sport bike in India. They pack international features in a motorcycle and offer it at an unbeatable price. In a short span, the Dukes have redefined the sports bike market in India. Also, let’s not forget the power-to-price ratio which KTM has to offer. And that is the exact reason why you see all those Dukes in every nook and corner. With so many Dukes on the road, how do you make yours stand out from the crowd? Here are Evo’s exclusive tips to personalize your beast!

Tail-tidy kit

The roundish rear fender which flows till half the diameter of the rear wheel is good for protection in monsoons. What we would like is a detachable one to make it look more aggressive, which is how the rest of the bike looks. All you have to do is head to your known mechanic who can help you chop off the bottom end and bolt it up accordingly to make it detachable.


As far the 200s and 390s are concerned, there’s barely anything that differentiates them from each other. Except the engine, decals and paint scheme, everything else looks the same. The headlight is the first thing a bystander looks out for. It’s the face of motorcycle; so imagine how different it would look if it was changed. We love the classic Bajaj Discover’s flat-face round headlamp. While it is an unorthodox choice, we can confidently say that it would go well with the edgy design of the motorcycle.


Image courtesy: Akropovic
Image courtesy: Akropovic

Yes! The stock underbelly one does work well to make the bike look compact and be fast around the corners as well. However, an expansive silencer might not ‘silence’ the sound, but definitely gives that extra power when launching from a standstill. We recommend the Akropovic and Two Brothers, but there many other brands out there that work just as well.


We noticed that on the long stretches of highways, the naked one could not resist the air or wind blast as well as the faired one. While the faired one munched miles at ease, the naked one did not. Add a windshield and you are relatively sorted to do triple digit speeds at ease.

ECU remap:

Image courtesy: Powertronic
Image courtesy: Powertronic

Desire for more power, always! A true blue enthusiast can never settle on the stock juice of a motorcycle after a point in time. Once you get used to the motorcycle, you always hanker for more! There are two ways you can remap an ECU – a) alter the graph of power delivery or b) extend the rev limiter. Another way to do it without fettering the warranty is by adding a piggy back power box, which gives you the freedom to ride on all terrain; this can be unplugged as well.

Apart from the aforementioned, there are many other ways to make your KTM look even more rad. You can also upgrade the seat as per your height, add longer suspension as you want it, add swing arm and fork protectors, and work around the color scheme as well! If you have any tips or suggestions in regards to the creativity, please do mail us at

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