Long Term Hyundai Tucson 4WD
The Tucson is easy to drive, and has great visibility, driving it feels very safe Hyundai Tucson

Long Term Hyundai Tucson 4WD

Gets some well-deserved TLC and continues to be our favourite runabout

IT WASN’T MY FAULT, HONEST. THE bloody PMT bus cut right across my bow, I had nowhere to go, and the Tucson’s front fender was left with an ugly gash. It’s the first time I’ve scratched a car and I felt miserable; even more so when it took almost a month for the dealer to touch it up. While the Tucson was away I had the Venue at my disposal and the strides Hyundai have made, especially with their SUVs, is pretty apparent. Particularly with the GDI engine, I enjoyed zipping about town with the compact SUV. Although I was very happy to be back in my trusty Tucson once it was fixed! Many ask me how I manage with such a big SUV in Pune, a city not known for wide open roads. But the Tucson is so easy to drive, and has great visibility, that I feel safer and more comfortable in it. Especially with the heavy rains over the past week that have left Pune’s roads flooded and pot holed like I’ve never seen.

The Tucson’s great ride quality comes in handy, as does the excellent sound system for when I’m stuck in traffic. We’ve also swapped the tyres for a slightly wider set of MRF Markus and they do work better than the OE 18-inch tyres, the better grip coming at no expense of fuel efficiency or ride quality. Only thing needed is a fresh set of wiper blades, since the rain gods continue to bless us.
@Selina Chandran

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