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Long term review: 2018 Renault Kwid AMT

The 2017 Renault Kwid was my long termer not too long ago. It had proved, without a doubt, its versatility as a good city car that can do highway runs well too. The narrow dimensions and the light steering had ensured that I had come to like it as a city runabout. However, in time I had to bid adieu to the trusty Renault Kwid. Within a month of saying goodbye to the Kwid, Renault and my Ed conspired to cheer me up by sending my way a brand new 2018 Renault Kwid that too in the exact same colour as the one we had. Talk about nostalgia!

But this time there was something different about the Kwid. This time around the Kwid came with an AMT. My joy knew no bounds as that meant no more fiddling around with gear shifts in Pune traffic that keeps getting worse by the day. The AMT is a joy to use and now features a crawl feature unlike on last year’s models. The gear shifts are well judged and very rarely does the AMT on the Kwid leave you at the wrong end of the power band. When you do require that added surge of power all it takes is a heavy right foot and the AMT responds, albeit with a pause, allowing you to rev the engine to your heart’s content. Impressively, the AMT doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket either with respectable fuel efficiency figures. Another addition that I have found rather useful is the rear parking camera which is a boon while backing up into tight parking spots. The Kwid is certainly making lazy me, even lazier.

Date acquired: September 2018

Total mileage: 2406km

Mileage for the month of October: 937km

Costs for the month of October: Rs 0

Overall kmpl: 14

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