Long term review: Maruti Suzuki Ciaz
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Long term review: Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

A fender-bender put the Ciaz out of commission for a few days

Aatish Mishra, Asst. Editor, evo India

Aatish Mishra, Asst. Editor, evo India

Long term review: Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

There’s a reason for the Ciaz not featuring in here for a while now — it hasn’t been in the fleet! Maruti Suzuki called and asked if they could borrow the car for a week, as some other journalists wanted it for a story. I mean, it’s their car, so I’m in no real position to say no, am I?

However, the Ciaz disappeared for more than a week. First, there was a delay in getting it back from said journo, and when they finally got it back and it was being driven to the evo India HQ, it got into a fender-bender. It was promptly turned around and whisked back to the service centre to get the front bumper and front-left wheel arch fixed even before I saw it. It was out of the fleet for close to a month — that’s how long the process of insurance took. Good thing is, the Ciaz finally made it back to the office last week. I’m not too happy about the scratches that have turned up on the bonnet — it’s been keyed with four lines, almost like someone wanted to play knots and crosses on it. They annoy the daylights out of me every time I see them, which is why I’ve stopped backing my car into my parking lot and just drive it straight in. I don’t need to look at them any more!

The Ciaz comes back to the fleet just as my Hero Xtreme heads to the service centre. The monsoons have stirred up some trouble with the motorcycle, but that is a story for next month.

Date acquired: February 2019

Total mileage: 6102km

Mileage this month: 120km

Costs this month: 0

Overall kmpl: 14kmpl

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