Long term review: Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Long term review: Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Maruti Suzuki’s people mover offers a lot more than a box suggests

At the first drive of the second-gen Ertiga, I was thoroughly impressed with its practicality and long list of features. Especially the diesel. However, when Maruti Suzuki sent us the petrol powered MPV for long term, I was slightly sceptical. The engine is not so rev happy as the 1.2-litre K-Series, but the mild hybrid system works pretty well. I have been habitually using the brakes to ‘harvest energy’ – Formula 1 style. The battery charge is constantly displayed in the cluster and is utilised for quick acceleration requirements at low revs. Of course, the fuel efficiency figures are nothing to write home about, unlike other Maruti Suzukis.

Long term review: Maruti Suzuki Ertiga
Long term review: Maruti Suzuki Ertiga - Introduction

The Ertiga is heavy and the same is reflected in the way it drives. The steering wheel is heavier (as compared to its siblings) which is a pleasant change for me (my daily driver is a Fiat Linea T-Jet). Even the handling is predictable and the ride quality is plush too. Ride is obviously hampered when its packed with luggage and six adults, but the Ertiga is an MPV and not a sporty SUV.

I have taken three trips to Mumbai so far and have come out impressed with the Ertiga’s expressway mannerisms. The only glitch I have found so far is the buggy infotainment system. It has a mind of its own and rarely allows me to connect my phone via Bluetooth. The solution is to bring the phone’s cable and select Apple Carplay. However, the Ertiga is a brilliant car otherwise for Indian families and has started changing my perspective towards MPVs for sure.

Odo reading: 5221

Fuel efficiency: 12kmpl

Time on test: 6 months

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