End of term review: Tata Nexon

End of term review: Tata Nexon

Getting out of office this monsoon to seek a place to rent has been troublesome. You get to see nervous as well as over-confident riders breaking traffic laws left, right and centre; due to which traffic piles on for kilometres. Thank goodness for the great city driving capabilities of the Tata Nexon which makes driving in this painful start-stop traffic a breeze. Clutch action is light and stress free. This being a diesel, I am facing no problems in getting off the line quicker although I have to come to a dead halt soon after. The traffic leading up to my residence was another factor that forced me to search for a new apartment.

“Compact dimensions of the Nexon allow me to flit through traffic swiftly”

Thankfully, I did find a good comfy home which is hardly 4-5km away. I am able to beat the traffic by taking an alternate route as well and that is helping me keep my blood pressure in check. The large boot space of the Nexon allowed me to shuttle my stuff to my new home over the weekends. I had quite a lot of stuff to ferry around but it took only a handful of trips to do so effortlessly.

Another feature that I really came to love over time were the compact dimensions of the vehicle allowing me to flit through traffic swiftly. It gives you the perception that you are driving a large SUV but it is so easy to manoeuvre around like a small hatchback.

I did have a few niggles. The infotainment system takes a bit of time to set itself up. Setting up for Bluetooth telephony or entertainment purposes also takes a while. Sometimes it simply fails to recognise my phone which leaves me with no option but to listen to Bollywood numbers which I am not too fond of.

I have just received a call from the ed saying that I have to return the Tata Nexon. I did not wish to give it up, wanting to spend a few Sundays around Pune in my off-time. Sadly, I have to. But I hear that we may soon be getting the AMT version. Guess who is lining up at the ed’s cabin already then?

Date acquired: April 2018

Total test mileage: 16085km

Mileage for the month of August: 586km

Costs for the month of August: Rs 0

Overall kmpl: 17

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