2018 Ford EcoSport long term review

2018 Ford EcoSport long term review

The Ford Figo S was one of my favourite long termers, ever. In the three months period we had it with us, I made it a point to drive up to Lavasa, skipping my ritualistic night rides. The Figo, like all Fords is dynamically capable, so much so that we even declared it as the winner of our affordable diesel hatchbacks comparo test. In May, Ford India invited us for the EcoSport S drive on the outskirts of Chennai. The highways didn’t allow us to delve deeper into the compact SUV’s character. The chassis is definitely promising but what happens when you show it a set of corners? Thankfully, Ford gave in to our demands and sent us this bright blue EcoSport, but it isn’t the S variant (unfortunately). Now, it is my duty to find out if the 1.5-litre petrol engine makes any sense over the 1-litre EcoBoost turbo petrol which is found under the hood of the S, over the next two months.

“The steering gets the fundamentals correct and is definitely one of the best units seen on a compact SUV”

Taking my long termer on a long trip on the very first weekend has become a tradition of sorts for me. The EcoSport was driven to Pavana, filled to the brim, with five adults on board. First things first, the Titanium variant comes with 16-inch wheels over the 17-inchers on the S. The ride is obviously softer and that helps when you’re ferrying passengers around the city. The steering gets the fundamentals correct and is definitely one of the best units seen on a compact SUV, thus keeping me happy as well. The touchscreen is the highlight of the package though; it’s extremely responsive and is definitely one of the best units we have seen, in a sub Rs 25 lakh car.

The approach road to Pavana lake’s shore is not in the best shape and while most of the hatchbacks and sedans were parked on the road, the EcoSport managed to get all the way the to water body, leaving the crowds in awe. And this is what I intend to do with the EcoSport for the long-term duration we have it with us. Take it to the Lavasa International Circuit (Instagram it!) on weekends, take it for a bit of mudslinging during monsoons and ferry the family during weekdays. Stay tuned for more on life with the EcoSport.

Date acquired June 2018

Duration of test 1 month

Total mileage 6666km

Mileage for the month of June  453km

Overall kmpl 10.8kmpl

Costs for the month of June  Nil

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