Long Term Review- Hyundai Verna

Long Term Review- Hyundai Verna

After spending months with the Hyundai Verna –

The Hyundai Verna has been with us for some time now as part of the evo India fleet. And finally, the keys to this ICOTY winner have come to me. The first thing I noticed about the Verna is how shiny it looks. There are no signs of fade on the lustre of the paint job. Now you may not think this is a big deal, until you consider that the car has been parked in the open for most of its life with us. And a majority of that time it has sat under the blazing summer sun that wilts everything under its glare. As a matter of fact, even the plastics inside are showing no signs of fading despite being baked in the heat, trapped inside the closed cabin. These are a testimony to how well built and finished this Hyundai product is. Clearly, quality control is not something the Koreans are scrimping on; which is a great thing because if you’re asking me to part with a million rupees for your car, I want it to age as slowly as possible.

The other thing that I am absolutely loving about the car is its balance between supple ride and vastly improved handling. Over the past year or so, there has been a rash of speed breakers all over Pune. In fact, on my 20km commute, I have to scale 19 of these mini mountains in the first 10.5km. At the same time, heavy showers are steadily stripping the road of tarmac. In these conditions, a supple ride isn’t a good-to-have, it’s a must-have. At the same time, the enthusiast in me would hate to drive something that handles like a boat because my commute offers three lovely corners. Thankfully for me the Verna takes the high – those corners, and the low – those horrid roads, with equal confidence. Remember the old Verna that would wallow all over bumps and then couldn’t handle to save its life? This new one is eons (no puns please) away from that. Meanwhile, within the urban environment that I find myself trapped in mostly, the Verna has been doing quite well, returning a consistent fuel efficiency of more than 15kmpl. Not bad for a 1.6-litre motor.

Date acquired – January 2018
On test – 10 months
Odo – 15589km
Mileage this month – 859km
Fuel economy – 15.5kmpl

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