Long Term Review part two: Jeep Compass Limited

Long Term Review part two: Jeep Compass Limited

My first long-term SUV – The Jeep Compass

Ed has handed me the keys to the biggest thing in our fleet – Jeep Compass. I am a bonafide Mallu which obviously makes me a non-certified UAE national. Which means, I have an affinity towards oversized objects (pun intended), be it buildings, cellphones or cars. SUVs too. I obviously loved my Hyundai Verna to the hilt thanks to its brilliant engine, supple ride and predictable handling, but it lacked visual drama. And to fill the (big) void, I will be driving Jeep’s most popular SUV in India.

Off-roading fun with the Jeep Compass: Giddy up!

Sorted ride of the Jeep Compass

One weekend jaunt to Mumbai and I have already fallen in love with the Compass. The ride quality is tremendous over potholed roads and even the cemented Mumbai-Pune expressway couldn’t deter the SUV off its path. Which obviously equates to a great handling machine. It’s super stable at any given speed and you really have to keep a check on the speedo or else you always end up hitting unmentionable speeds.

What I am not happy with so far is the space on the inside. It may be big, but that does not reflect on the inside. The USB slot takes ages to charge my phone and the touchscreen comes with a small-ish display for Apple CarPlay. Apparently, Jeep has taken care of the hassles in the latest Plus variant. Unfortunately the Compass has a bit of a drinking habit and my Dubai-based relatives are not sending me barrels of fuel for Christmas. Can you help me in this regard, my dearest fellow Malayalees?

Trail Tales with the Jeep Compass: Bison Sanctuary

Date acquired: May 2018

Total mileage: 22181km

Mileage this month: 1098km

Costs this month: None

Overall kmpl: 10

Words by Aslam Kabeer

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