Long Term Review – Hyundai Creta

Long Term Review – Hyundai Creta

A die-hard fan of manual transmissions and all for the engagement that a manual ’box offers, never had I ever thought I would say this. Yet, here I am loving the convenience of this Hyundai Creta automatic. Flashback to a few weeks ago and I was bidding a teary farewell to the Jeep Compass. Its lovely punchy motor, excellent dynamics and off-road capabilities (of course) were hard to ignore even if you had the emotion of a ’bot. For a person like me, who wears his heart on his sleeve, it was love. Yet, I cannot deny that in heavy stop and go traffic, working its manual transmission sometimes seemed like a chore. No fault of the vehicle, but not enjoyable after a hard day’s work.

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The Compass has now given way to a Hyundai Creta with an automatic gearbox. Sure, the dynamics aren’t as hot, nor is the drive as punchy thanks to a torque converter that is slightly slow to shift. But boy oh boy are my right limbs loving the rest. Just stick the thing in D and get going with measured dabs of the right foot. Crawling up the steep ramp from my basement exit is a piece of cake as is the tricky slope I have to negotiate before I can join the main road. No fear of rolling back. And if you’re not too aggressive with the throttle it is possible to reduce the fuel economy penalty you pay for automatic convenience to a minimum. Last but not the least, occasionally I can hold the wifey’s hand too on an empty stretch of road while driving the comfy Creta. Anyone here remember the old Cielo ad?

Besides the children love the sunroof even though I don’t let them stick their heads out of it, the touchscreen is super responsive and that thoughtful Swachh can means no more littering in the cabin. Wouldn’t you love it too?

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