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Long term review: Hyundai Verna

Long term review: Hyundai Verna

By Aslam Kabeer

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Long term review: Hyundai Verna

Life is all about upgrades. Tata Motors called for my Nexon (sigh) but Boss handed me keys to the Hyundai Verna. From a compact SUV onto a sedan then. If you’ve followed my previous Nexon report, I had mentioned that marriage prospects are on the cards. However, now the added boot makes wonder if the next gradual step is going to be children! I digress. But the fact of the matter is, the Verna is definitely a notch above. Not just over my long termer, but many other cars in its class. In fact, it was declared as the winner of our mid-size sedan comparo.

Now, the rain gods have been blessing the city for a few months and humidity is well above 80 per cent most of the time. This is where the cooled seats of the Hyundai Verna come into play. What happens when it stops raining you ask? I always have the sun roof for that wind in the hair experience! What’s not to like? What also adds to the package is the bonus of brilliant fuel efficiency figures. Boss tells me that Hyundai Verna 1.6 diesel is one of the quickest cars in its class to get to 100kmph but not for a cost. Fuel efficiency figures of 15-16kmpl are easily achievable even In heavy traffic. Like I said, the Verna is a proper upgrade for me. Now, where art thou, my dear to-be-wifey?