Mercedes-Benz showcases Vision EQS at Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

Mercedes-Benz showcases Vision EQS at Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS is anall-electric luxury saloon concept showcasing sustainable modern luxury

The Vision EQS is concept that portrays the future of Mercedez-Benz automobiles which is sustainable modern luxury. The Vision EQS is a fully-electric luxury saloon that uses the ‘one bow’ design philosophy and is powered by two electric motors together producing 470bhp. The EQ models in the future will be based on the same thrilling design along with the one-bow proportion and fluidic lines.


The Vision EQS gets a compact high-performance electric motor at each axle which together produce more than 350kW (470bhp) of output. The high-performance electric saloon is not only powerful but delivers the best possible handling courtesy of a variable torque distribution system that controls the power that is put out to the axles via the two electric motors.

The show car is capable of a 0-100kmph sprint under 4.5seconds and on full charge can deliver a driving range of 700km(WLTP). Mercedes-Benz has also tried to extract the best possible fuel efficiency using the latest-generation electric motors with highly-integrated power electronics and transmission ratios. Charging the Vision EQS at 350kW output will recharge the battery to 80 per cent in only 20 minutes.

Mercedes-Benz continues to focus on driver-controlled vehicles, with key focus on the driver and his desire to take over the wheel of the car. However, the Vision EQS also supports the driver with highly automated driving at Level 3 – Longer motorway journeys and complex driving which is possible because of modular sensor systems.


The Vision EQS is based on a new E-Platform which is a fully-variable (modular) electric drive platform. The platform can be modified for use in other models as the wheelbase, track, system components and the battery can be tweaked to suit a wide range of vehicle models or concepts. The vehicle structure of the current production models by Mercedes-Benz is based on an intelligent multi-material mix of steel, aluminium and carbon fibre, along with sustainable materials made from recyclates. This optimally meets the requirements with respect to lightweight design, strength, cost efficiency and sustainability.

The Vision EQS uses the progressive luxury design philosophy, and one bow design gives the Vision EQS a “seamless” look. The philosophy will also be seen in Mercedes-Benz EQ models in the future. Seen on the showcar were features such as 24-inch multi-spoke wheels, jewel-like counterpiece to the flowing body lines, wrap-around LED headlight with holographic lens design to give it that 3D effect and cut-star (229 individual LED stars) design elements on the rear taillights. A 360 degree exterior lightbelt connects the LED matrix grille and the headlamps with the rear taillights.

Digital light – Holographic 3D lens

The new digital light LED headlamps, each with four holographic lens modules. The holographic lens modules rotate at well over 2000rpm. This high rotational speed suggests a static image to the human eye, and with specific actuation it even allows individual holographic images to be generated. The main module and circuit boards become practically invisible thanks to the high rpm, causing the 500 LEDs per headlamp to "float" in space. As each one of the less than one millimetre large high-performance LEDs is actuated individually, and can rotate at three different levels, the "floating" 3D impression is additionally reinforced.

Mercedes-Benz showcases Vision EQS at Frankfurt Motor Show 2019
In conversation with Martin Schwenk, MD and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India

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