Test drive review: BMW 330i GT M Sport

Test drive review: BMW 330i GT M Sport

BMW 330i GT Sport: The driver’s car

There is a reason why it is called a proven formula. It has been hypothesised, synthesised and stands to tell the tale in the test of time. Exactly why BMW cars rank high in the list of driver’s cars as the variables chosen by the Bavarian manufacturer are what an enthusiast wants – a powerful motor, capable suspension and, most importantly, rear-wheel drive. So, the choice was pretty clear for those who wished to plop out forty lakh rupees as the 330i was perhaps all the car that one would ever need. That was until BMW decided to up the ante and present the BMW 330i GT version of the sedan and for extra quirks (and moolah might I add) also include the M Sport accessory kit.

The M Sport kit is BMW’s aesthetic package for their standard models. It is by no means a performance upgrade whatsoever. A teaser of sorts for the uninitiated for those who long for the hallowed ‘M’ badge. There are subtle changes to the design for which you will need a keen sense of observation to catch out. Like the kidney grille gets 11 slats on the standard GT while with the M Sport package there are only nine of them, all of them blackened out to provide a sportier look to the car.

The Full Package

You get the M Aerodynamics package treatment for the front and the rear aprons as well as the side skirts. This lends an aggressive demeanour to the GT which in its basic shape is more relaxed and composed. The window sills and the side vents (what BMW call Air Breathers) behind the front wheel are finished in satinised aluminium and not the gloss black that the international variant get. The black theme should have been continued as it would look even more commanding with the dark finishes. The front side panels sport the M badges as this car comes ensconced in the beautiful Estoril metallic blue shade.

With the kit, the 330i GT comes with a chunky M leather steering wheel. The fatter wheel allows for a better control on the proceedings. M-badged lightweight aluminium alloy rims have a star-spoke profile and while the front tyre size remains constant at 225/50 R18, the rear rim is shod with a slimmer profile 255/45 R18 tyre. Our test car came with the beige interiors which do not go along with the whole sporty theme of the kit. There is an option to sport with a brown/black upholstery which suits the persona.

The Price?

The above ingredients are kitted for a premium of Rs 80,000 over the Luxury Line trim, as the 330i GT M Sport retails for Rs. 49.40 lakh, ex-showroom Delhi. The price hike should not be an issue as underneath is the same 2-litre 4-cylinder turbo petrol motor that makes 248 bhp and it has been a delight to drive. With India getting the rough road package, the ride is on the softer side. She holds steady when pushing hard but there is evident pitching. But if a relaxed ride is what you are looking for then look no further.

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