XUV 300 AMT: First Drive Review

XUV 300 AMT: First Drive Review

The XUV 300 AMT, Mahindra’s compact SUV, ever since its launch has set new benchmarks for ride and handling in the segment. Add to the fact that the 300 is actually quite the looker and comes loaded with features and it certainly becomes a great proposition.

However, there was one thing missing in the XUV 300’s arsenal. There was no automatic gearbox. Well, now Mahindra has addressed that with an AMT for the diesel. We drove it around Nashik and here’s what we think.

Among the smoothest AMTs in the segment

The XUV300’s AMT is a very refined unit and we didn’t feel any jerks whatsoever. The gearbox has a very smooth shifting action and even drives through stop and go traffic are smooth and jerk-free, something that’s not the case with most AMTs.

The gear lever too is easy to use and slots in easily into the desired position.

Not for spirited driving

The XUV 300 AMT is great for driving at a measured pace. But the moment you give it the beans, it comes across as lethargic and lazy to quickly shift into the right gear. Shift times are really slow and even in manual mode there is a certain delay before the gear shift actually happens. That said, the AMT does allow the engine to rev up to the redline unlike some other AMTs that cut power. On inclines, the AMT is easy to use and didn’t struggle even a tiny bit on the hilly sections we found outside Nashik. However, there is one annoying flaw. In stop-go traffic, the XUV 300 AMT’s  creep function takes a while to get the car to move and you end up depressing the accelerator to get a move on, thus adding to the effort required. This shows up a lot more of inclines as you are often forced to use the accelerator much where in some other AMTs you could rely on the creep function to keep you from going backwards.

Should you buy it?

All being said, the XUV 300 AMT combines the versatility of being a fun to drive car overall along with the added practicality that the AMT gearbox offers. It could be a good option for someone looking for a great handling car with an AMT gearbox. It also returned a respectable 12kmpl when driven with a lead foot. However, in a highly competitive segment, what remains to be seen is the pricing and that will eventually make or break the XUV 300 AMT’s chances in the market.

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