Driven: Mercedes-Benz E 220d BS 6

Driven: Mercedes-Benz E 220d BS 6

The E-Class is the latest from Mercedes-Benz to join the BS 6 bandwagon

By Aatish Mishra, Pr. Corr, evo India

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The deadline for BS 6 is approaching, and some car manufacturers have already begun updating their offerings to allow for a smooth changeover. Mercedes-Benz introduced the OM654 engine in the E-Class a while ago (replacing the 2.1-litre unit that it had before) and has now updated it to meet BS 6 norms. Changes to the engine include a diesel particulate filter, selective catalytic reduction unit and an AdBlue tank, which gives it BS 6 emissions, even on BS 4 fuel.

The update comes with changes to the equipment too. The top-end E-Class we are driving gets a whole host of updated goodies — the analogue dials are swapped out for the superb 12.3-inch instrument cluster, it now gets a 13-speaker Burmester system, soft-close doors, wireless charging in the rear and a touchscreen to control media, climate control and even the sunblinds.

The engine itself is a refined unit and feels very similar to what it did before the update. Peak outputs remain identical to what they were before — 192bhp and 400Nm. What has changed is the way the power is delivered — it feels more linear and smooth when it comes on boost. Not that you should be hot-footing an E-Class anyway, this is a limo that is all about luxury. The suspension remains as it was before — soft and prioritises comfort over dynamics. The E-Class is a large car and it’s best driven relaxed.

Driven: Mercedes-Benz E 220d BS 6

Not just skin deep

The updates to the equipment up the ante on the inside. The dash is now dominated by the two 12.3-inch screens — for the infotainment and now, for the dials as well. The metal covers on the Burmester speakers looks great and add to the sense of opulence, not to mention the fact that they sound great. The backseat is still the place to be — the tablet in the rear armrest means you don’t have to stretch (oh, the discomfort) to adjust the climate control or shout at your chauffeur to switch radio stations.

The updates to the E-Class are as welcome to dealers as they are to customers. It should give them enough time to clear out old stocks before the April 2020 switch to BS 6, without having to give massive discounts at the last minute. At Rs 62.5 lakh (ex-showroom) the E-Class is a bit pricier than the competition, but you can get the E 220d for Rs 4 lakh less if you’re willing to forego luxuries like the Burmester system and the digital cluster while giving you the space and refinement that it excels in.

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