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Usually when you ask someone  why they bought their Porsche, what you get is a barrage of numbers and a free mind-numbing lecture about German sports cars. I’m not one for numbers or histrionics, and neither am I big on long explanations. My speech is down to two points. One, it’s a Porsche 911. Two, it’s the
new GT3.

To the right people I believe it’s pretty self-explanatory.  Everything about the Porsche 911 GT3 is perfect, in fact around the world it’s been acclaimed as one of the best things to leave the Porsche garage, and that is saying something. Just the way it sounds as the needle rockets to 9000rpm, makes my tummy tingle.

This might sound strange coming from a guy who bought a Porsche, but being the centre of attention is not my thing. I bought my car because I enjoy it and one of the things that really turns me off is the attention it gets. It can get a bit flustering. Especially when three guys on a Splendor, in moving traffic, pull up close to get a closer look. Heart in mouth, doesn’t quite do justice.

What makes the Porsche 911 GT3 even more special is the fact that they’ve stopped taking any more orders for it, which makes mine one of a very very niche community. I really like that. Another thing is that unlike most super car owners, I actually use my GT3 every day. Office to groceries, everything is done courtesy Porsche wheels.

The next thing on my bucket list is adding the IPE exhaust. I’ve heard that it sounds positively mental.

Luckily for me, service hasn’t cost me an arm or leg and the after sales experience has been totally satisfying. One couldn’t really ask for more in a sports car. A 458 Speciale. Maybe.

Manmohan Bhadana

Evo India