Mahindra Mojo – evo fleet

After spending about a month in service, the Mojo is finally back at the evo India HQ. Ben handed me the keys and said “There you go Mahindra boy.”  The reason being I have been using the Thar for a while and I suspect Ben wants to wean away my love of Enfields with the Mojo.

Talk about the 300cc segment, the KTMs are crazy, the R3 is focussed and the Ninja 300 is expensive. So where does the Mojo actually fit? For starters, this bike gets quite a bit of attention, the dual exhausts being a prime eyeball-grabber. I have been using it for my daily commute, instead of my Royal Enfield and I am pretty impressed as to how comfortable and easy it is to ride. The 300cc engine has enough grunt to power through without fuss and when it comes to braking, it is sharp though it misses out on ABS. Despite my extended city riding, the Mojo has consistently been returning 35kmpl which is a major plus when it comes to Indian buyers.

I still love Enfields but the Mojo is slowly growing on me.

Date acquired: January 2016
Duration of test: 6 months
Total mileage: 4,816km
Mileage this month: 614km
Overall kmpl: 35kmpl
Costs this month: Nil

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