LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron
LEGO Technic Bugatti ChironBugatti

2020 Christmas gift guide for petrolheads

If your loved ones are petrolheads and you’re having a tough time picking a gift for them, we’ve got you covered

It’s the season of joy and what better way to make someone happy than to give them something that they love? It is always hard to pick a gift for us enthusiasts but you’d be surprised at how many choices there are out there. So here are some ideas to make your holiday season better.

Subscription to the country’s most enthusiast-friendly magazine

Evo India December 2020 issue
Evo India December 2020 issueEvo India

A subscription to the evo India magazine is a gift that keeps on giving. You give one copy to your loved ones and they're happy for a month. Buy them a subscription, they're happy for months! Additionally, along with the magazine, you get evo India merchandise that includes t-shirts, stickers, key chains and so on. You even get coupons to shop on

Click here to subscribe.

Automotive apparel and accessories is an online store that caters specifically to the Indian car scene is an online store that caters specifically to the Indian car sceneEvo merchandise on

There are plenty of websites that sell apparel and accessories like key chains, caps, backpacks and so on with an automotive theme. is one such online store that caters specifically to the Indian car scene. You can even order nice motorcycle jerseys. Apparel and accessories are a brilliant gift idea because it practically becomes a part of the wearer’s daily life. Apart from these online stores, you can even order official merchandise from a car maker’s official online store like the Mercedes-Benz online store and the Toyota Gazoo Racing Store.

Scale models

a replica scale model of a Porsche 917
a replica scale model of a Porsche 917Half Scale Cars UK

Most people call them toys but in the petrolhead’s world, it is a collector’s item. You can find incredibly detailed scale models online from various brands like Bburago, Maisto and they’re even listed on online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Hamleys, etc. To the people who want to take it one step higher, there is Half Scale Cars in the UK that make replicas of truly beautiful cars like the Porsche 917K, Jaguar E-Type, Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR and so on with a choice of an electric motor or a small two-stroke engine. The models even get working lights, horn and actual disc brakes. They ship worldwide and you can reach out to them on Instagram or their official website.


LEGO Jeep Wrangler has a working steering and axle articulation
LEGO Jeep Wrangler has a working steering and axle articulation LEGO

Over the years, LEGO has gained popularity among enthusiasts due to the detailed LEGO blocks that are ultimately used to replicate the moving parts of the car. The new LEGO Jeep Wrangler has a working steering wheel and axle articulation. You can get simple builds for beginners and for someone who loves to spend time on complicated builds, you can choose a more complex car. LEGO cars start from as low as Rs 3000 and go upwards of Rs 29000.

Emergency Kit

Reputed brands like TJM offer a complete recovery kit
Reputed brands like TJM offer a complete recovery kitTJM

Tools and emergency recovery kit is a must have in every car. You could put together a compact kit with recovery equipment like bow shackles, snatch strap, tow strap, tyre repair kit, tyre pressure gauge and a small tyre inflator. These items and a tool kit can help in situations that no one wants to be in. Always better to be safe than sorry. Here are links for a tool kit and an emergency kit.

Safety essentials

A hand sanitizer might just be the most essential item today
A hand sanitizer might just be the most essential item todaySafety essentials

With the ongoing global pandemic, the ‘new normal’ always has you searching for masks or a hand sanitizer. Take this holiday season as a chance to make a small safety kit that always stays in the car. You could include hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, masks, disinfectant spray and other essentials. This way, there won’t be moments when you’ve to run back in the house to grab something that you forgot. For motorsport fans, take a look at U-Mask, an Italian company that makes Formula 1 themed masks as well.


Driving and music goes hand in hand. This is one gift that is free of cost. Compile a fun playlist to listen to while driving on top music apps like Spotify, Apple Music, etc and just share the link with your best friends. Better yet, we have made a playlist of the best driving songs on Spotify and Apple Music and we will keep updating it as well. Share the Evo India playlist with your friends and loved ones and play it on your next roadtrip with the gang.

Hope Evo India has played a small part in helping you spread joy this holiday season. We wish every one of our readers a Merry Christmas and happy New Year and hope that 2021 is all about the #ThrillofDriving

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