Five cool things you should know about the BMW X6
The X6 is the most successful vehicle in the modern BMW lineupBMW X6

Five cool things you should know about the BMW X6

An automotive category-creator, the BMW X6 debuted in 2007, and now BMW has unveiled the third generation of this SUV. Here are 5 cool things you should know about it!

BMW recently launched the 2020 X6 in India. BMW calls the X6 a Sports Activity Coupe and is amongst the most successful vehicles in the modern BMW lineup. The third generation of BMW X6 is based on the latest X5, and as is the case with the X6s that came before it, it gets a more aggressive, sloping roofline. Apart from the fact that the X6 made its way amongst 4.43 lakh customers, here are five cool things you should know about the BMW X6. Pub facts are always cool!

1. The BMW X6 was the first-ever SUV-Coupe

The BMW X6 debuted as a concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2007 and it officially debuted in 2008 at the North American Auto Show in Detroit. The X6 was slightly longer and wider than the X5 and shared the platform with the X5 as well. But where the X5 was competing against the likes of the more conventional SUVs like the Audi Q7, Volvo XC90 and the Mercedes-Benz GLE back in 2007, the X6 with its sloping roofline had no real rivals. The X6 was the first time the world got to see an ‘SUV-coupe’. It was heavily criticised at first, but the market couldn’t have enough of it and now, nearly every luxury carmaker has an SUV Coupe in its portfolio.

The X6 was the first-ever SUV-Coupe
The X6 was the first-ever SUV-CoupeBMW X6 first generation

2. The X6 is now in its third generation!

The BMW X6 has evolved over the years and is now in its third generation. It may not have as storied a past as the likes of the 3 Series or the 5 Series, but it certainly is making a name for itself as time goes by. After the launch of the first-generation car in 2008, the X6 was updated in 2015 and the third generation car came out earlier this year.

The X6 evolved over the years
The X6 evolved over the yearsBMW X6 third generation

3. The X6 M was the first M car with all-wheel drive

Back in 2009, BMW first showcased the M versions of the X6 and X5. Traditionally RWD, these two performance SUVs were the first time M cars came with AWD. Once again, purists cried foul but fast forward to a decade later, and cars like the M5 and M8 now have all-wheel drive as standard! Back then, the X6 M made 540bhp and 680Nm, and over the years those numbers have grown. Today, the X6 M Competition makes a mental 590bhp and 750Nm!

The X6 M was the first M car with an all-wheel-drive
The X6 M was the first M car with an all-wheel-driveBMWs all-wheel-drive-system

4. The Grille glows in the dark!

The X6 already had puddle lights, door handle mounted lights, the interior ambient lighting and the Welcome carpet light mounted under the car. But BMW has gone a step further and added more LEDs to the car, with an illuminated grille. It lights up when the car is locked/unlocked. Also, the driver can choose to keep it on while driving as well!

BMW adds more LEDs to the bold angular kidney grille
BMW adds more LEDs to the bold angular kidney grilleBMW X6s illuminated grille

5. The current-gen X6 is the most luxurious one yet

As with all its new cars, BMW has really dialled it up on the luxury front with the latest X6. Everything from the tastefully done interiors to the imposing, muscular face puts it several steps ahead of the generations that came before it (or the competition for that matter). The crafted glass control elements on the transmission selector and the engine start/stop switch make it stand out. The sunroof is also 83 per cent bigger now than the previous generations and you can also opt-in for a Sky lounge moonroof as well. Also, the X6 is now longer and wider than the predecessors with an increase in wheelbase and lower ride height, to give it a more powerful and aerodynamic stance.

It was a bold move in 2009 from BMW, and its gamble paid off with the X6 emerging as the pioneer of the SUV-coupe segment. Although today the X6 has competitors in the segment, it was and still remains the OG. There’s no taking that away from it!

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