Hyundai Venue – Future ready

Hyundai Venue – Future ready

The future is here and Hyundai India is bringing it to us in the brand new Hyundai Venue     

Afzal Rawuther

Hyundai Venue – Future ready

It’s 2019 and its certainly the era of connected everything. With connected phones, appliances and even homes, it was only a matter of time before we found ourselves a truly mainstream connected car. The only question was: which car company would take the plunge and kick-start the connected revolution in India. Hyundai Motor India has answered that question with the Hyundai Venue – the first made-in-India connected SUV. And you’d be delighted to know that they have done an outstanding job with it, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the Venue gets the best connectivity features available on any car on sale today (across segments) in India. With their unique Blue Link connectivity suite and the segment first eSIM, you can now communicate with the car from your mobile phone, wherever you are. Here’s a quick primer on all the incredible connectivity features that the Venue has to offer.


No one likes to be late, and no one likes to be stuck in traffic. With the maddening rise in traffic within our cities, knowing the fastest way home in every traffic situation is imperative. With the Venue, Hyundai is aiming to be a step ahead of all other car makers when it comes to its navigation system. And it certainly seems like it has succeeded. The eSIM in the Venue informs you through the in-built navigation system of the real-time traffic scenario and recommends the fastest route to take. The Blue Link app allows you to seamlessly connect your smartphone to the car and send it the destination that you wish to go to along with any number of stops you want to add. Additionally, it also has the option of real-time vehicle location sharing. This allows you to share the real-time status of your vehicle with your near and dear ones using the Blue Link app.

Remote access

You can do a whole lot more with your car from the comfort of your living room now, thanks to the connectivity features that come as standard with Hyundai Blue Link. The Hyundai Venue has several first-in-India features when it comes to the remote operations that you can perform with your car. You can now remotely lock and unlock the car, or turn the engine and climate control on and off. With the sweltering heat, it is only natural for you to want your car to be at the right temperature the moment you set foot in it and fortunately with the Blue Link and eSIM enabled remote, climate control it is no longer a pipe dream. You can also flash your headlights and sound the horn remotely – something that can be particularly useful when you are looking for your car in a crowded parking lot. Additionally, if you are unaware of the location of your car, you can find it from the Blue Link app. Also available, for the first time in a made-in-India car, is the vehicle status option which tells you the status of all the doors and the hood and also about the available range – certainly a nifty feature. You can even share access to your car using the Blue Link app and the user that you have shared the access with can use all of the functions in the Blue Link app with his smartphone as well. All that and you won’t have to move an inch. No more running ‘key’ errands.


The Venue promises to keep you covered even when something untoward happens. For instance, if an intruder gains access to the Venue, the owner will be notified immediately via SMS. In fact, even if such a mishap were to happen, you can immediately connect with the local police and they can place a call to the Blue Link call centre and ask for the Venue to be immobilised in the event that it is stolen. Worried that the valet is taking your Venue for a joyride? Don’t fret. With geofencing, you’ll get a notification immediately if the car has been taken out of the pre-determined geofenced region.


The new-age connectivity suite finds applications even in the safety department. The Hyundai Venue has a number of safety features, some of them unseen on an Indian car before. The eSIM in the car allows it to place phone calls and it uses that functionality in case of an emergency i.e in the event of a crash. First, on detecting a crash (airbag deployment), the owner receives a notification by SMS. Then emergency services are automatically contacted and help is sought. In scenarios when the user faces an emergency, all you have to do is press the SOS button at the bottom of the rear view mirror. Emergency services are immediately contacted. If however, there is a break down and roadside assistance is required, you can press the dedicated button for the same (placed next to the SOS button). If you’d rather just talk to a support executive, you can simply press the button for it and the Venue will make the call and if you find yourself lost, the call centre can even push directions to the car.

Vehicle management

What if I tell you that apart from all the incredible things that we have already mentioned, the Hyundai Venue has something else in store for you too? The Venue goes one step further. When most cars and carmakers avoid getting their respective car owners involved in the details of their car’s health, Hyundai Motor India and the Venue want car owners to be on top of it. The Venue comes with Vehicle management services that tells you the exact state of all the primary systems of your car. The state of everything from the transmission, suspension, steering, air conditioning, brakes, to even the electronics will be available in the central infotainment system. If something needs servicing or repair, the owner will be notified about it directly on the Blue Link app... pretty darn cool, don’t you think? With the Blue Link app you can even book an appointment to have a trained professional from Hyundai take a thorough look at it. Car ownership looks hassle-free for sure with the Hyundai Venue.

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