Autologix made sure the owner of this 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 reaches places in style!
Autologix made sure the owner of this 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 reaches places in style!Shot by Ishan Kulshrestha

Reach places fashionably with this Mercedes-Benz GLS by Autologix

Sahibabad based Autologix has converted a Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 to a GLS 63 AMG, the first of its kind in the country

It takes nothing to join the crowd, but it takes everything to stand out. With its first-of-a-kind AMG-sourced bodykit and unique monoblock wheels from Brabus, this Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 built by Autologix is as unique as a mango on an apple tree.

And that’s because of the approach it takes. The thought process is a little different here — this Mercedes SUV isn’t trying to go places faster. Instead, it’s trying to roll around with utmost opulence, with the brawn and muscle of a performance car. And that’s an intentional choice; who would trade the excellent ride of their GLS for anything less?

Alright, if you’re on the verge of labelling it off as a show pony, I’d urge you to hold on to that though because it is, in all honesty, very tastefully put together. This 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 was brought into Autologix’s studio in Sahibabad for an overhaul just as it was freshly delivered from the showroom. It’s lived here at the studio for three-months, a time over which it has been overhauled.

The visual go-faster bits are a part of an original AMG kit. The front bumper is a new fit in entirety and flaunts bigger and wider vents. The Panamericana grille with a subtle AMG branding completes the front conversion to (what looks like) a GLS 63.

“The nicest addition to an-otherwise subtle profile of this humongous GLS are the wheels,” claims Kartik Bhandari, owner at Autologix. “Exclusivity was the theme when we started conceptualising this build, and that’s been the approach with our customisation options. These Brabus-sourced monoblock F Platinum Edition 21-inchers are the only set in India,” he adds. The wheels have been bolted on with spacers behind, giving it a wider track. And to take on the additional width are those AMG-sourced fender flares which have been well integrated with the rest of the build. AMG bumpers complete the build for the rear and to top it up, there’s a roof-integrated Brabus spoiler that does look apt. Privacy glasses have been installed, earning it VVIP status.

There is actually a modicum of restraint to the exterior, but it’s a contrasting world on the inside. This Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 takes inspiration from the Lamborghini Urus and, while that doesn't get it the cool fighter-jet ignition switch, it does get the exact colour coded leather from Lamborghini’s catalogue. This specific Rosso-Centaurus upholstery replaces the beige and black colour theme of the GLS. The roof-liner is finished in Alcantara, exactly how it is in an Urus. What Autologix has also done is retrofitted the entire door with leather which allows them to get rid of any exposed plastics. Red seat belts have been stitched to match the upholstery.

This was just the first layer of customization the Mercedes-Benz GLS 45 went through, with more to come later
This was just the first layer of customization the Mercedes-Benz GLS 45 went through, with more to come laterShot by Ishan Kulshrestha

This Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 might have left the Autologix facility with cosmetic upgrades only, but Kartik has convinced the owner to bring it back for some performance upgrades later on. As is the case with any build, there are layers of customisations and this GLS has just undergone its first overhaul. Just like the owner, if you’re gutted about the Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS 600 being sold out, we’d suggest you retrofit a standard GLS to your liking, and Autologix might be the ones to help!

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