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Safety First with Hyundai #bethebetterguy

Along with a bunch of enthusiastic Creta owners, we re-learn the basics of safe driving and set off on a monsoon road trip

The Hyundai Creta has been synonymous with the idea of a family SUV in India for five years now. It is so successful that it is a regular in the country’s top ten best selling vehicles’ list with around 10,000 units leaving showroom floors every month. The mix of great features, excellent driving manners, a comfortable ride and loads of space combined with attractive styling have made it the choice of hundreds of thousands of consumers. However, there is one other factor that is just as important but not as talked about – safety. The Hyundai Creta comes loaded to the brim with safety features and the overall build quality and construction inspire tonnes of confidence. Accidents are an unfortunate reality of our roads and India has the unfortunate tag of leading the world in road fatalities. No matter how safe a car is, it is imperative for us to do everything possible to keep ourselves away from danger. At evo India we drive all over the country and tackle the worst that Indian roads have to offer on a daily basis. Armed with that experience and our undeniable passion for driving, we often find ourselves at the centre of conversations around road safety. And that’s only understandable. Treacherous roads and tricky terrain are constant companions wherever our road trips take us.

Sanjay Hyundai dealership
Sanjay Hyundai dealershipHyundai #bethebetterguy

Taking our focus on safety one step further, we partnered with Hyundai India and their #BeTheBetterGuy road safety campaign to conduct a safe driving workshop for Hyundai Creta owners in Pune and stimulate conversations around safety in general and safe driving in particular. Beginning with a short note on the importance of safety by the editor and especially on what we do and why road safety is important, we then moved onto the nitty-gritties of what makes us safe on the road in even the most trying circumstances. Aatish, our principal correspondent, ran Creta owners through a detailed presentation on the tips and tricks that we have learned over the years, things that have helped us become safer drivers. We also had Kamal K Kashyap, the former Director General of Police, Maharashtra, addressing the ten Hyundai Creta owners, speaking at length about being the better guy on the road and not letting stray instances of aggressive driving by road users affect us.

The Creta owners were then flagged off from the Sanjay Hyundai dealership in Wakdewadi. Yes, we had a good old fashioned evo India road trip planned with the excited bunch of Creta owners. With the rains in full force, we planned the day-long road trip to the lush green environs of the Pavana lake and leading the convoy was our own long term test Hyundai Creta. The torrential rains over the last week had turned minor potholes in the city into much larger and more dangerous ones, and the traffic that we found even on a Sunday made it a little more difficult than we would have otherwise imagined.

The drivers of an enthusiastic bent had no qualms about driving on the rain-soaked route.

But the drivers that we had with us were of an enthusiastic bent and had no qualms about driving on the rain-soaked route. The fact that we had Hyundai Cretas with us ensured that we were not too bothered by the large crater-like potholes and the less than ideal driving conditions. The high ground clearance of the Creta made it the weapon of choice to deal with what we were presented. In between poor stretches of road, we would often find a stretch or two that was great to drive on. The twisties were just right for the Creta and we found ourselves going at a fair clip whenever the opportunity presented itself. Safe to say, the Thrill Of Driving was had with our ever-present focus on safety. Much sooner than we had anticipated, we were at Pavana lake. The abundant rainfall had turned the region lush green and it was a sight to behold. The hilltop that held the Tikona fort in the background with the blue waters of the lake and the slight breeze made it just the spot for us to get out of the cars and relax. The budding photographers and videographers among our participants found the place to their liking and proceeded to get some great shots of their cars parked by the lakeside. However, the rain gods interrupted us and we bundled ourselves into the waiting Cretas. I have to say, all the time that we spent in the Creta was rather enjoyable and the hours behind the wheel did little to dampen our spirits even after a long day. Through bumper to bumper traffic we arrived back into the city and a number of Creta owners remarked about how the presentation and the subsequent drive taught them valuable lessons in safe driving – the most important of which is to avoid road rage, follow rules, exhibit exemplary discipline and Be The Better Guy.

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