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The world’s most glamorous police car is for sale

British classic car retailers Girardo & Co have announced the legendary 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 Series II Polizia, chassis #3999, is now on sale at their Milan showroom.

Sudipto Chaudhury

Using exotic cars being used for police duty is not uncommon, and you may have heard of (or seen) many such examples of high-performance cars in action in places such as Dubai. But did you know that the earliest such idea came to a policeman in Italy who decided upon, what else, but a Ferrari?

It was the early 1960s, a time when a vast number of crimes in Rome were committed using getaway cars, with car chases a common occurrence. However, criminals would often escape the traditional Alfa Romeo 1900 (with a 1.9-litre, 98bhp engine) and even the 2600 (with a 2.5-litre 144bhp engine) commonly used by the police, which were known as Pantera for their engine roar and black paintwork.

Hence, Italy’s most revered and successful police officer, Armando Spatafora approached Ferrari with a daring request, for a suitable vehicle for high-speed pursuits, specifically a Ferrari. Spatafora’s request was accepted, and just four officers from Rome were chosen to attend a specialised driving course at the home of Ferrari, Maranello. After gelling with the 250 GTE on track and delivering competent lap times, Spatafora was then presented with his new car – the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 Series II, chassis number 3999.

1962-ferrari-250-gte-polizia undergoing inspection
1962-ferrari-250-gte-polizia in action
1962-ferrari-250-gte-polizia during police trials

About the Ferrari 250 GTE Pantera

Completed by Ferrari in November 1962, chassis 3999 was finished in black with a resilient tan leatherette interior. A copy of the original Ferrari build sheets accompanies #3999, noting the car was sent to Pininfarina for bodywork at the end of August 1962, before returning to Maranello in November. These build sheets also note #3999 as being a vett. Polizia, (police car).

1962-ferrari-250-gte-polizia, driving, front right 3 quarters
1962-ferrari-250-gte-polizia, front left 3 quarters
1962-ferrari-250-gte-polizia, head-on, doors open

Ferrari built only two of these 250 GTE Polizia, however the sister car of #3999 met an unfortunate end after only a few weeks, leaving chassis 3999 to become the heart and soul of Polizia for the next six years, reaching legendary status among servicemen, the public, and even the criminals. The combination of Armando Spatafora and this Ferrari on night patrol became so legendary that the rarefied few who beat him in a car chase became the toast of Rome’s criminal underworld.

1962-ferrari-250-gte-polizia, police badging on door
1962-ferrari-250-gte-polizia, plate front bumper
1962-ferrari-250-gte-polizia, plate rear

In 2015 this Ferrari was passed on to another enthusiastic and knowledgeable Italian owner, who took great pride in sharing this 250 GTE with the crowds at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 2016. Back in Europe, more event invitations were received, with this car maintaining its legendary status as the ultimate Pantera.

Accompanying #3999 today is a comprehensive history file containing copies of the original Ferrari build sheets and period Polizia documentation. Copies of the Italian libretto along with the FIVA Identity card and ASI certificate of homologation are also included. Images of Armando Spatafora and this 250 GTE Polizia from the early 1960s give an amazing insight into the life this car once led.

Importantly, this car was inspected by Ferrari Classiche, and awarded its Certificate in 2014. The Ferrari Classiche Certification red binder confirms this car retains its original Ferrari chassis, engine, gearbox and rear axle, and is an entirely matching numbers example.

Rarely does the opportunity arise to obtain a truly legendary car. With its mythical status as the only Ferrari police car, this Pantera is exactly that opportunity. Presented in a beautifully original condition, still wearing its Italian black plates, this Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 Series II Polizia is ready to be enjoyed and is available for purchase now, at an undisclosed sum, of course.

1962-ferrari-250-gte-polizia, front right 3 quarters
1962-ferrari-250-gte-polizia, front right 3 quarters

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