Testing the Ceat Czar Sport tyres across treacherous terrain in India      

Testing the Ceat Czar Sport tyres across treacherous terrain in India     

Our Renault Duster shod with Ceat Czar Sport tyres completed a 15,000km long road trip in India. The journey was an enduring test for the tyres. Find out how they performed.

Last month we set out for an expedition where we drove to the four extreme corners of India. During our month long excursion, we drove for about 15,000km through a variety of terrains. There was everything right from seamless highways, winding mountain roads to hardcore off-roading trails and snow clad roads. Our Renault Duster was shod with 215/65 R16 Czar Sport series rubber from CEAT Tyres. And these terrains proved to be a true test of the tyres’ performance.

Multi-terrain Nature

Launched back in 2015 in India, the Czar Sport range was designed and developed keeping in mind the multi-terrain nature of SUVs. According to CEAT, the tyres have a high rating for ride and handling, strength load, comfort, grip and mileage. These ratings can be assuring, but when you’re driving past the remotest parts of India, you need to be confident about the tyres’ real world performance.

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All weather capability

The Duster’s journey started in Pune, in scorching heat, with temperatures breaching the 40 degrees Celsius mark through the day. With long hours of driving in such heat, normal tyres carry a risk of over inflation. But the feedback from the Czar Sport tyres was always positive and the ride was consistently good. The asymmetric tread pattern made for great dry traction and provided effective braking. There were multiple instances of sudden braking by motorists ahead of us and each time, the Duster halted in supreme control. Even in speedy corners there isn’t much tyre wailing.

Ample wet grip

Two weeks into the drive and the Duster entered Arunachal Pradesh in what was the most challenging leg. Many parts of the state are landslide prone and broken roads are ubiquitous. Not to mention the erratic rainfall that could disrupt anything and everything. Thanks to the wide circumferential grooves and rigid shoulder blocks of the Czar Sport tyres, the grip was excellent at all times. This also reduces the possibility of tyre punctures. The grooves allow ample water drainage and driving past mud and slush isn’t an issue. Aquaplaning too was avoided at many instances thanks to the high rubber content in the tyres.

Many people are under the impression that if a car has ample electronic aids and an all-wheel-drive system, it can go anywhere. But if you don’t have the right set of rubber, electronic aids are obsolete. The slippery mountain road leading up to Kargil in Jammu and Kashmir was the ultimate test for the CEAT tyres and our AWD Duster. The angled lateral grooves of the wide 215-section tyres provided adequate stability around the winding roads of Kashmir and the wide centre rib allowed precise steering.

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Well-suited for varied road conditions

After spending a month with the Duster, I was convinced about the CEAT tyres’ performance. They provide adequate grip on wet roads and are suitable for off-roading as well. The tread pattern is perfectly suited for highway and city use too. This makes the Czar Sport tyres one of the most dynamic all-weather tyres available in this segment. Even in corners, the tyres don’t struggle for grip, and tyre noise is minimal. Mileage isn’t compromised either. A single unit can be bought for Rs 6862 (pan India price) across authorised Ceat Tyres dealerships in India. Highly recommended.

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