Bugatti Chiron Lego car sets
Bugatti Chiron Lego car setsLego

Five cool Lego sets every car enthusiast needs!

If there's anything motorheads are crazy about other than the cars and bikes, are the models and replicas of their favourite automobiles. Here are the five incredibly cool car-themed Lego sets

Lego blocks have been around for generations and are enjoyed by not just children but adults alike. Lego has two series of car themed sets which are Lego Speed Champions and Lego Technic series. Here we have featured our top five cool car themed sets by Lego from both their series.

Enthusiasts have a variety of options to choose from, may it be sports cars, race cars, cars driven by superheroes among many more. It’s also a great way to take pleasure in building intricate and detailed replicas of the cars they love and play with them.

Bugatti Chiron: Technic

Lego Bugatti Chiron
Lego Bugatti ChironLego

The Lego Chiron set is a 1:8 scale model, it was exclusively designed in partnership with Bugatti and captures the look and essence of the real car. It comes packed with a number of interesting features.

The replica model has moving aerodynamic bodywork and is equipped with a rear wing that is movable from its ‘handling’ to ‘top speed’ position via a key. It also features a very detailed W16 engine and a highly elaborate accessible cockpit that has a fully functioning 8-speed gearbox.

Other than looking really good, the Chiron also mirrors the building of an actual Bugatti, it has a unique serial number under the hood, which truly makes it feel special.

Age: 16+

Pieces: 3599

Difficulty: Advanced

Dimensions: 14cm high, 56cm long and 32cm wide

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Ferrari F8 Tributo: Speed Champions

Lego Ferrari F8 Tributo
Lego Ferrari F8 TributoLego

A red Ferrari is the stuff of dreams for most car enthusiasts, right? Well, if you can’t get close to a real one anytime soon, here’s what you can do — get yourself a Lego replica. Lego is now selling a replica of the F8 Tributo that encapsulates the original design with its sleek and attractive curves. The Lego model comes with a removable roof and a Ferrari racing mini figure that can fit in the seat.

Age: 7+

Pieces: 275

Difficulty: Medium

Dimensions: 4 cm high, 15 cm long and 8 cm wide

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Lamborghini Sián FKP 37: Technic

Lego Lamborghini Sián FKP 37
Lego Lamborghini Sián FKP 37Lego

Sián FKP 37 is the most powerful production Lamborghini and also its first hybrid. The Sián FKP 37 replica has got to be one of the coolest looking car themed sets by Lego, flaunting the sharp creases and outrageous design of the real Lamborghini to perfection.

It features a V12 engine with movable pistons, an 8-speed working gearbox with movable paddle shifters, a functioning steering wheel and front and rear suspension. It is also equipped with an adjustable rear spoiler, a front and rear hood that opens, and all-wheel drive. The coolest touch has to be the fully functional scissor doors.

Age: 18+

Pieces: 3696

Difficulty: Advanced

Dimensions: 13cm high, 60cm long and 25cm wide

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McLaren Elva: Speed Champions

Lego McLaren Elva
Lego McLaren ElvaLego

Without windshield and roof, the Elva is the lightest McLaren road car with a design that makes heads turn and has a very limited production of no more than 149 cars.

The Lego model replica of the roadster produced in partnership with McLaren Automotive gives the beautiful design of the Elva in a build-your-own Lego block. It comes with an open two-seat cockpit and a mini figure wearing a race suit which can equip a helmet and a wrench.

Age: 7+

Pieces: 263

Difficulty: Medium

Dimensions: 4cm high, 16cm long and 7cm wide

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Toyota GR Supra: Speed Champions

Lego Toyota GR Supra
Lego Toyota GR SupraLego

If we are talking about cool cars, we cannot leave the Toyota GR Supra behind. One of the most attractive looking cars. The GR Supra that has a mean look is one of the realest car themed sets by Lego.

The model is a spitting image of the real car, it has a roof that can be removed, headlights that are reflective, wide chassis that can seat two mini figures. It also comes with a mini figure that has a helmet and a wrench, and changeable sets of wheels.

Age: 7+


Difficulty: Medium

Dimensions: 4cm high, 16cm long and 7cm wide

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Although the Technic series is bigger and extremely detailed, it is also on the more expensive side and is complex to build, whereas the Speed Champions range, although smaller in dimensions, is still quite detailed and easier to build.

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