The Hyundai Venue is only being taken out of the garage to get essentials.
The Hyundai Venue is only being taken out of the garage to get essentials.Hyundai Venue

Hyundai Venue | Second long term report | evo India

The Venue is no longer the streets, but the quiet comfort of my parking space

Thought I’d start this story with how the ‘Venue’ is no longer the streets, but my parking spot. It turned out terrible, so I’ll just cut to the chase. The story is pretty much the same everywhere. We’re locked down, we can’t drive, we haven’t been putting too many miles on our cars. Yes, it is incredibly frustrating especially after getting out on to the road is practically muscle memory, but we need to stay home.

Like pretty much every other car in the Fleet, the Hyundai Venue is only being taken out of the garage to get essentials. On one such ‘essential’ grocery run, it hit 10k on the odo! I actually chose not to post the milestone on social media lest the armchair critics bash me for being irresponsible and driving at such a critical time. In retrospect, I should have gone ahead and posted it, and if they acted smart, invited them to carry the 20-litre drinking water canisters I was carrying on their heads instead.

Hyundai Venue

I remember cursing my luck at having got the diesel instead of the turbo petrol when the car was first assigned to me, but in times like these, I’ll have the diesel any day of the week. I was foresighted for a change and tanked up well before the lockdown was announced. By the time the lockdown was official, I had half a tank of gas and a range of little under 400km. That would more than suffice for essentials and leave enough buffer for any kind emergency.

My car is still shiny clean because of the guy who cleans it lives in the area and insists on cleaning it every day. He’s just as anal about cleaning cars as I am. There’s not much else to report from here — the car is running fine and I get it started at least twice a week to make sure the battery doesn’t run dry. I hope the lockdown is treating you well. See you on the other side!

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