Karun Chandhok’s F1 story - the highs and lows of the motorsport world

Karun Chandhok is only the second Indian to have ever raced in F1. In this special edition podcast, Karun narrates his intense journey through GP2, Formula 3, Formula 1, Le Mans and more. 

In the 16th episode of the Thrill of Driving podcast, Karun Chandhok, F1 commentator and ex F1 driver takes us through his journey to the world's premier racing championship. From Madras, a city of 11 million, to Bradley in the United Kingdom, a town of just 11,000 people, Karun's journey was full of highs and lows. At an age where youngsters partied and lived the hipster life, Karun negotiated sponsorship deals worth millions, trained hard to stay fit and did everything to clock the fastest time around the track. Apart from being the only second Indian driver to ever race in Formula 1, Karun is also the only Indian who has ever raced in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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How does Karun get the inside information during races? 00:31

Financial side being the hardest part in motorsport: 03:06

How tough is racing in Europe compared to Asia? 06:40

Sponsorship struggles: 08:16

The gap between Formula 1 and GP2: 09:00

The major difference after entering F1 compared to GP2 and F3: 13:10

Moving on from F1: 16:10

Jehan Daruvala and Arjun Maini’s future in international motorsport: 19:30

Working with Williams Heritage: 23:00

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