Magnus Walker now a Big Apple Outlaw
Magnus Walker now a Big Apple Outlaw Big Apple Outlaw

Magnus Walker now a Big Apple Outlaw

Check out Magnus Walker's new short film Big Apple Outlaw: A Day Into Night where he drives a Lancia Delta Integrale called Bastarda, down iconic New York streets

Magnus Walker, fashion designer and legendary Porsche customiser, is back with another viral film called the ‘Big Apple Outlaw’. The premise more or less remains the same as his previous short film the ‘Outlaw’ which was set in LA. With this new one we see him in a new city and in a new car that is not a Porsche. For this video, Magnus Walker drives a Lancia Delta Integrale called Bastarda that belongs to Phil Toledano, who you must follow on Instagram, as he has a great collection of posts on his profile featuring great classic watches and stunning automotive photography.

Magnus Walker drives a Lancia Delta Integrale called  Bastarda
Magnus Walker drives a Lancia Delta Integrale called BastardaBig Apple Outlaw

The video is based in New York City which is the change in landscape from what we usually see Magnus Walker in, that is on the streets of LA driving his vast collection of Porsches. But New York seems to be a fitting backdrop for this Italian hatchback with its rally heritage. The overall theme of the video fits Magnus' previous outlawed video where he walks up to the car gets in and starts off on his drive past New York’s iconic skyscraper-filled skyline. This little Lancia stands tall among the mighty skyscrapers and the essence of the car has been captured well by the filmmakers, especially by capturing the sights and sounds as the car rolls past the camera in multiple scenes getting the different New York City sidewalk struts.

To keep it a quintessentially New York-theme, there is a small scene with Magnus Walker visiting a pizza parlour and you will also see a cameo appearance by Hannah Elliot, a Bloomberg staff writer, in the video. You can see the two share a slice of pizza and it really captures a New York moment that we all have come to associate the city with. The Big Apple outlaw makes for a fitting sequel to the original Outlaws short film. It has been shot by Jean Pierre Kathoefer , Claudia Stock and Ethan Roach, I have to say that the video with all stunning night shots makes you want this current quarantine period to get over so you can head out for a drive.

Speaking of quarantine and the COVID19/coronavirus Magnus Walker on his social media released a video showing how you can make yourself a mask and it’s a great DIY project for you, check out the video down below.

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