Mahindra Marazzo Ocean Trail: Day Two: Mandarmani to Dhamara

Mahindra Marazzo Ocean Trail: Day Two: Mandarmani to Dhamara

Day two of the Mahindra Marazzo Ocean Trail began with us leaving the hotel early in the morning and heading towards the Mandarmani beach. But sadly for us, India’s largest drivable beach is no longer drivable. Local authorities have now disallowed driving on the beach.

Beach hopping in the Mahindra Marazzo on the Ocean Trail

So, we had a quick breakfast and decided to drive the Mahindra Marazzo to the next best beach in West Bengal. The locals gave us a few options including Tajpur and Digha. So, we went and explored them all. Some of the options, especially Tajpur, although being very popular locally was still kept rather neat and clean by the tourists.

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It was soon time for us to head to our destination for the day, Bhitarkanika National Forest. So we headed out on to the highways. And soon enough we found incredibly well-surfaced roads leading from West Bengal to Odisha. The Marazzo settled into a good cruising rhythm on this Ocean Trail and the next 100 or so kilometers was a breeze.

Cocooned in Mahindra Marazzo’s cabin on the Ocean Trail

The crew could meanwhile take turns at getting some much-needed sleep in the rear and center rows. The blinds for the second-row passengers proved to be a blessing and worked well in keeping the crew well rested. The sun was beginning to set and soon we were surrounded by the lush green paddy fields of Odisha. Our destination for the day, Dhamara, is close to the mangrove forests of Odisha and serves as a good starting point to Bhitarkanika.

Tomorrow we will be driving the Mahindra Marazzo to the city of Puri.

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