Mahindra Marazzo Ocean Trail: Day Seven: Vijayawada to Chennai

Mahindra Marazzo Ocean Trail: Day Seven: Vijayawada to Chennai

Day seven of the Mahindra Marazzo Ocean Trail has taken us from Vijayawada to sunny Chennai. We drove on the fabulous NH16 for the entirety of our drive today. The exceptionally well-surfaced and fast highway made our drive a hassle-free experience. The Marazzo loved cruising at high speeds on the highway. The gearbox complimented the 1.5-litre engine really well and the sixth cog was particularly useful.

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Happy napping in the Mahindra Marazzo on the Ocean Trail

With the smooth highways and terrific ride quality, passengers in the back could easily get themselves some much needed rest. And especially so for those seated in the middle row. The Mahindra Marazzo’s reclining seats offered great comfort and the loads of space in the cabin ensures that you can easily stretch your feet out.

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It was soon time for our MPV to tank up. The MPV has surprised us so far with its amazing fuel economy and the limited stops at fuel pumps is evidence of that. After the Marazzo it was our time to tank up and we stopped in Nellore for a sumptuous lunch.

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It was only a four-hour long drive from there and soon enough we were in the hustle and bustle of Chennai. We were glad that we were in the cabin of the Mahindra Marazzo as it kept the cabin fairly isolated from the incessant honking in rush-hour Chennai traffic. Soon enough we had arrived at our hotel in Chennai. A drive of close to 450km and we were not at all tired. Credit to the Marazzo then. Tomorrow for the penultimate leg of our drive, we head to charming Puducherry.

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