Mahindra Marazzo Ocean Trail: Final blog: Chennai to Puducherry

Mahindra Marazzo Ocean Trail: Final blog: Chennai to Puducherry

Concluding the Mahindra Marazzo Ocean Trail in Puducherry

The day eight of the Mahindra Marazzo Ocean Trail took us from the city of Chennai to the scenic old French colony of Puducherry. This was the final stop on this incredible road-trip. After a leisurely breakfast, we negotiated the rush-hour traffic of Chennai and eased our way onto the East Coast Road in the Marazzo. The 160km drive was expected to be a relaxed affair with good roads and sparse traffic. However we found some traffic near Mahabalipuram and our progress was halted. All through dense traffic, the MPV and its easy driving nature ensured that we did not have much of a problem with the traffic.

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The traffic soon eased out and we could stretch the Marazzo’s legs. It didn’t disappoint and we made good progress towards Puducherry. Within the next two hours we were in Puducherry and then it was all matter of exploring the beautiful beaches and the charming cafes that Puducherry has to offer. A hearty lunch later we decided to spend some time at the iconic Marine Drive. After spending a considerable amount of time it was time to head back to Chennai.

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With more than 2000km driven from Kolkata to Puducherry we have explored the many hidden gems of the East Coast and experienced first hand the qualities that make Mahindra’s MPV stand out. Through all sorts of roads and traffic conditions, the Mahindra Marazzo was a breeze to drive and kept the five of us comfortable through what would have otherwise  been a tiring drive. The drive is over, but tomorrow we take the Marazzo where it was first conceptualised – Mahindra Research Valley outside Chennai.

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