Manhart unveils a crazier version of the M8 Competition
MH8 800

Manhart unveils a crazier version of the M8 Competition

Soon after the BMW M8 was launched in India, Manhart unveils its own take on the M8 Competition

The M8 Competition has the most powerful engine in any production BMW M car. The twin-turbo V8 motor in the M8 churns out a colossal 616bhp of power and 750Nm torque. The M8 Competition aided by huge amounts of power and torque outputs is capable of attaining a top speed of up to 305kmph. Manhart, the Wuppertal based company which specializes in the optimization and performance tuning of BMW cars has upped the game and made the Manhart MH8 800, a tuned-up version of the M8.

After undergoing a set of mechanical and electronic changes the revamped engine from the M8 Competition now produces an astounding 811bhp of power and 1050Nm. Called the MH8 800, this car now does a 0-100kmph run in just 2.6 seconds, more than half a second faster than the 3.2 seconds of the M8 Competition. Changes to the Manhart M8 include a new intercooler and a revised software programmed for the ECU that substantially increases the performance of the twin-turbo V8.

In addition to the mechanical changes, there are certain cosmetic alterations including a stainless steel rear silencer with a remote valve which gets divided into four tailpipes that are coated in carbon or ceramic and are available as an option. In order to sustain the increased power of the engine, the transmission has also been updated. Coil springs from KW come into play and are also responsible for lowering the MH8 800. Manhart also has a specially designed suspension set-up for the M8 and a standard carbon-ceramic brake system.

Manhart has the upped the game with the MH8 800.
Manhart has the upped the game with the MH8 800.MH8 800

On the exteriors, the MH8 800 is distinctive from the standard M8 Competition as the front skid plates lip easily merge with the front apron and make the front of the car look even more dynamic and aggressive. Carbon fibre is used extensively all over the Manhart MH8 800.

The M8 Competition is really a bastion of performance from BMW, but turning up the wick makes it even more mental. Just over 2.5 seconds to 100kmph speaks for itself -- this car has some serious cred.

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