Is India ready for electric cars and bikes? Episode 9
Is India ready for electric cars and bikes? Episode 9The Thrill of Driving

Is India ready for electric cars and bikes? The Thrill of Driving Podcast #9

With the Hyundai Kona being launched in India, we talk about the future of electric mobility in this country. The Kona is India's first long-range EV and first electric SUV too, but is it the right time to be launching something like that?

We also take a look at the genesis of the electric car in India, and how it was kicked off by Chetan Maini and the ambitious Reva project. Interestingly, the Reva is still around in some way with the Mahindra e2o. Could we have anticipated that electric vehicles would have snowballed in to what they are today? The Ed gives us his thoughts. Before cars go fully mainstream, we're probably going to see the rise of the electric scooter. Ather already has a solid product, but now manufacturers have to get over the challenges and distribution. And finally, we bid goodbye to the Volkswagen Beetle as the final one rolls of the line in Mexico.

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