Is the Hyundai Venue priced right? Episode 1
Is the Hyundai Venue priced right? Episode 1|Thrill of Driving Podcast

Is the Hyundai Venue priced right? The Thrill of Driving Podcast #1

This is something new we are attempting: The Thrill of Driving Podcast. We're going to be sitting down and talking you through the news of the week, including everything from launches to cars we've driven, bikes we've ridden, stories we're attempting and everything that deserves a mention from the world of automobiles.

Team Evo India

In Episode #1, we give you a low down on the price of the new Hyundai Venue, the new special edition Aston Martin OHMSS, doing 300kmph in a Ferrari, an update from the mega India Diamond Trail road trip we are attempting, our views on the Suzuki Gixxer 250, and a bit on the losses the motorsport community has faced in the last week the the passing away of Niki Lauda and Nazir Hoosein.

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