The AMG Emotion Tour took us to the Aamby Valley airstrip this year
The AMG Emotion Tour took us to the Aamby Valley airstrip this yearTeam evo India

AMG Force | AMG Emotion Tour | 60 fast AMGs on the Aamby Valley airstrip

The kings and queens of speed spend an unforgettable weekend with 60 AMGs and a pair of Cessna at the AMG Emotion Tour

It's a route I have driven so many times, you could blindfold me and I would reach the top of the hill had it not been for the surprises the tarmac has on offer. The early winter morning fog is like a blindfold too, restraining my right to use my right foot as I make my way up to the air strip in Aamby Valley. I’m in the A45 S AMG, trying to make quick work of the winding road so I can set things up for the epic weekend that lies ahead. The fog begins to clear as I near the airstrip, I toggle to Sport mode and grip the leather-clad steering wheel harder, my eyes laser focused on the next corner. Affalterbach’s AWD pocket rocket begins to growl, bites onto the tarmac and catapults me from one corner into the next. That’s when I know, this weekend is going to be special. Welcome to the AMG Emotion Tour.

Over the past three years, evo India has pushed the AMG Emotion Tour’s boundaries beyond what we knew we could. It all began with a splendid country drive down South, where we discovered an insatiable hunger for the raw power and performance of AMGs among owners and prospects alike. They yearned for the thrill, and we were more than happy to oblige.

Team evo India

But we didn’t stop there; we took things up a few notches. Picture this: a flying adventure combined with a watchmaking experience, right near the heart of Delhi. Because, let’s face it, most car enthusiasts have a soft spot for finely crafted timepieces and the rush of soaring through the skies. So, we roped in IWC to find those kindred spirits and gave them a day they’d remember. Two Cessnas, an airstrip at our disposal, and an adrenaline-packed day that left even the most seasoned thrill-seekers breathless.

Ahmedabad, the next stop on our adrenaline-fuelled tour, saw us ramping up the excitement even further. We added autocross and drift experiences to the mix, making sure everyone got a taste of AMG magic. By this point, it was clear – the AMG Emotion Tour had transformed into an exclusive, money-can’t-buy extravaganza.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and hold on tight because we’ve arrived at Aamby Valley. This time, it’s bigger, it’s bolder, and it’s the most meticulously curated AMG Emotion Tour to date. For the very first time, we’ve got participants from not one, but two vibrant cities – Mumbai and Pune, and they’ve brought along a jaw-dropping fleet of sixty AMGs, all lined up at the airstrip. It’s a weekend of sheer exhilaration, and it’s an experience that money just can’t buy. So, welcome to the automotive adventure of a lifetime, where speed, luxury and passion collide in a symphony of exhaust notes and adrenaline. This is the AMG Emotion Tour as you’ve never seen it before, and I promise you, it was one hell of a ride!

Team evo India

A pair of Cessnas formed an exclusive parking lot, led by the SL55 AMG with the GT63 S E Performance and A45 S AMG as wingmen. More AMGs joined the party, including the E53 AMG Cabriolets, E63s, GLC and GLE AMGs, and the feisty GLA45 AMGs, with the AMG GT and SLS AMG making fashionable entrances.

Picture the scene: the morning sun bathing the Aamby Valley airstrip in a golden embrace, as 30 high-performance AMGs revved their engines in eager anticipation. But, here’s the kicker – for the first time, the next day would bring another 30 AMGs to the party. The tarmac ahead was an open canvas, a playground for those who craved speed, adventure and the sweet symphony of raw horsepower.

Over the next few days, we would be pushed to the very edge of exhilaration, our senses tingling with the promise of pure automotive ecstasy. The participants, my fellow speed demons, would take turns through a lineup of heart-pounding activities. It all kicked off with a high-octane spin on the autocross track right in front of the AMG hangar. This track wasn’t for the faint of heart; it was a gauntlet of challenges that sent adrenaline coursing through your veins.

Team evo India

But here’s where it gets really interesting. The wizards at the Mercedes-Benz Research and Development Centre in Bangalore had waved their magic wand and conjured up the Track Pace app. This app is a game-changer. It uses GPS to map out a track on any piece of tarmac and turns it into your very own personal racecourse. It marks the start point, the finish line, calculates G-forces, acceleration and braking points – it’s like having your own personal race coach on your centre console! And here’s the best part, this marvel was built right here in India for the world to use. Unbelievable!

The app set the stage for a friendly competition among the AMG/IWC owners, challenging them to go faster, break their own records and make new friends in the process. It’s a pursuit of speed, a quest for perfection, and the thrill of the AMG Emotion Tour like never before. Welcome to the future, where every twist and turn becomes your personal racetrack, and every second on the tarmac is a chance to become a better driver. It’s an automotive revolution, and it’s happening right here at Aamby Valley.

Team evo India

When the adrenaline-pumping drive in the A45 S AMG left our participants gasping for a breather, they found sanctuary in the warm embrace of the Ritz Carlton Pune’s bespoke culinary haven. Let me tell you, the food was next-level stuff – the best we’ve ever had at an AMG Emotion Tour. Some indulged in croissants, desserts, and mocktails that bordered on artistry, while others embarked on an equally intricate journey – assembling and disassembling watches, guided by the steady hand of an IWC watchmaker.

Team evo India

These timepieces were nothing short of masterpieces, much like the AMGs waiting just outside the hangar. Witnessing the meticulous craftsmanship required to create a single watch gave our participants a newfound respect for these exquisite instruments. You see, the partnership between IWC and AMG is no ordinary affair; it’s the longest-running union between a car brand and a watch manufacturer, dating back to 2004. To mark this remarkable connection, IWC unveiled the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team watch for the first time in India, right here at the Emotion Tour in Aamby Valley. That green rubber strap held the beautifully detailed Pilot in a titanium case, and let me tell you, all the Formula 1 enthusiasts in the house had their eyes glued on it.

Team evo India

And speaking of Pilots, we had two Cessnas ready to whisk our guests away on an exclusive flying adventure. The single-engine 7-litre Cessna 172 promised to deliver the kind of G-forces you’d encounter on the road in an AMG but with a little twist – a zero- gravity altitude drop mid-air for those daring enough to take the plunge. These nimble aircraft ensured that adrenaline levels remained sky-high, all in preparation for the high G-forces they’d experience later in the day. The flight would take our participants over the picturesque hills surrounding Aamby Valley City, and the moment they touched down, it was time for some serious sideways action.

Now, as everyone else was lost in the thrill of the moment, our very own Sirish sneaked out of the AMG hangar, ready to unleash the fury of the A45 S. Donned in gloves and helmet, drift mode set, he was primed for a taxi ride like no other. You see, the A45 S had already earned a reputation as a hero car from a previous AMG Emotion Tour, thanks to its four-wheel drift shenanigans. Some even suggested that the Ed would swap his beloved G-Wagen for this tiny dynamo, given the right playground. And that playground was right there, prepped with plenty of water and unsuspecting participants. Hold on to your helmets, things are about to get sideways in a hurry!

Team evo India

The A45 S? Well, it can kick it sideways like a pro, no doubt about it. Holding a four-wheel drift, though, that’s a different beast altogether. It demands a speed that’d make your breakfast threaten a comeback – it’s not your average RWD car, that’s for sure. Passengers in the A45 S had a few moments to reminisce about their morning meals. But here’s the twist: we’d been prepping them for this drift experience all day long. High G-forces and sudden direction changes? Child’s play for these folks – after all, they’re part of the world’s fastest family.

Team evo India

This was the 2023 AMG Emotion Tour, a symphony where speed met luxury, precision met thrill and opulence met adventure. It was a journey etched in our memories, a story waiting to be shared. And every one of us lived it, one heart-pounding, tyre-squealing, adrenaline-fuelled moment at a time.

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