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#DriveWithSOUL heads to Tawang on Day 4 of Mountain Trail

We encountered heavy snowfall, sub zero temperatures and some gnarly weather, adding more spice to our drive in Tawang. Many SOUL members have not been to this part of the country before.

Team Evo India

People enjoying the snowfall at Tawang

People enjoying the snowfall at Tawang

Team evo India is on the Mountain Trail, the second Iconic #DriveWithSOUL event of this year, accompanying a group of SOUL members driving the Tata Hexa and Tata Safari Storme through the North East. On day 4 of the Mountain Trail we stayed back in Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh which is very close to the Chinese border. There’s so much this place has to offer culturally. Tawang is dubbed as the hidden paradise, and rightly so.

Our day began with an early morning visit to the Tawang monastery. It is the second largest of its kind in Asia. The monastery was consecrated by H.H. XIV. Dalai Lama on 15th October 1997. It is an important seat of the Mahayana Buddhists and overlooks 18 Gompas of the region. It is 400 years old and at any given time houses about 450 monks. With so much good vibes around, the members of SOUL discovered a newfound peace just minutes after entering the holy place. After taking in all the blessings and lessons, we soon retreated back to the hotel as there was something of a challenge waiting for us. Bum La Pass.

Now there are no private vehicles allowed at the border between India and China, which meant that our Hexas and Safaris got a much deserved rest (from us). We booked local Tata Sumos and headed towards the border. As the altitude rose, the temperature dropped. It started snowing and the windy breeze cut through our warm clothes like a hot knife through butter. The pass stood at a tall 15,200 ft which was much higher than Sela (14,700 ft), and at this height oxygen was extremely sparse. However, SOUL members braved through whatever mother nature threw at them and enjoyed the experience as well.

Heading on a Tata Sumo towards the border
Heading on a Tata Sumo towards the border Tata Hexa -#Drive with SOUL

After returning back from the border, we returned to Tawang. The evening was idle and we visited the local market to buy some souvenirs. Tomorrow we’ll be heading back to Dirang, and we’ve got some news saying there has been heavy snowfall at Sela Pass. So stay tuned for more updates.

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