Hyundai Venue Great India Drive blog: Day 5

From the rolling hills of Meghalaya to the plains of Silchar, the people’s love for Football remains strong
In the foothills of the  Meghalaya's
In the foothills of the Meghalaya'sHyundai Venue Great India Drive

Day five saw us start bright and early as we headed back into Assam on our way to Imphal. The beautiful hills looked resplendent in the warm glow of the first rays of sunshine that hit them soon after we started for the day. The drive to Silchar took us through some challenging roads and through several forested parts of Meghalaya. All through the drive, the less than perfect road surface was tackled brilliantly by the Venue's compliant suspension setup.

Street Football culture strong in Meghalya's
Street Football culture strong in Meghalya'sHyundai Venue Great India Drive

As we headed out of Shillong, we found ourselves witness a game of street football that saw some amazingly talented football players put all their skills to good use entertaining and enthralling a growing crowd enthusiasts.

Kids having a ball around the Venue
Kids having a ball around the VenueHyundai Venue Great India Drive

With a long drive ahead of us, we pushed forward but were stopped by the sight of what looked like a trail by the side of a river. With the morning sun reflecting off the water, it made for a picture perfect sight and we couldn't stop ourselves from clicking a few pictures.

Driving through some smooth roads near Silchar, concluding at Imphal.
Driving through some smooth roads near Silchar, concluding at Imphal.Hyundai Venue Great India Drive

We soon got ourselves in to the spacious cabin of the Venue and made our way to Silchar driving through some pothole ridden roads. With our unscheduled stops, we were running late and had to drive through the dark. That's when the brilliant headlamps came to our rescue and we could easily avoid those potholes.

Tomorrow we make our way to Imphal as the Great India Drive comes to an end.

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