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Hyundai Verna: Setting benchmarks
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Hyundai Verna: Setting benchmarks

By Team Evo India

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Sharing is caring they say. So when Hyundai decided to share the all-new K2 platform of its best-selling Elantra with the new generation of the Verna, it was indeed a happy day for the latter. The new K2 platform allows for more precise tuning of suspension components that enhances cornering and high speed stability, a fact that we can attest to after having used the car in a variety of conditions, be it on straight highways or on any of the numerous hills around Pune.

Given that the suspension can be tuned with greater precision, the new Verna not only offers hugely improved handling characteristics but also a vastly superior ride quality. At the same time the rigidity and responsiveness of the chassis ensures adequate feedback for a confident driving experience. The other notable aspect of this hot stamped super body structure that consists of 50 per cent advanced high strength steel is that it ensured class leading rigidity and crash protection. One can therefore safely push the new Hyundai Verna further than before.

The new K2 platform allows for more precise tuning of suspension components
The new K2 platform allows for more precise tuning of suspension components

The fact that the overall structure now allows for better weight control not only improves the car’s dynamic abilities but also enhances fuel economy. Combined with the super efficient 1.6-litre CRDi mated to a six-speed manual transmission we have seen a fuel economy figure as high as 21.2kmpl while driving through traffic-laden Pune. The other side effect of this new platform is its low NVH characteristics which is further augmented by the use of enhanced sound absorption materials.

“Style is the perfection of a point of view,” poet Richard Eberhart had once remarked. From the design of the brand new Verna to come out of Hyundai’s stable it would appear that the Korean manufacturer has perfected its point of view to the point where the Verna exudes a style all of its own.

Sporty, aggressive and modern yet classy and sophisticated at the same time, a lot of the Verna’s style comes from its swooping silhouette and that shark fin antenna sticking out from on top. This is fluidic expression taken to a whole new dynamic level where a classic three-box sedan offers the same sexy stance as a coupé. One that is further underscored by the car’s strong chrome belt line. This profile isn’t all cosmetic either for this aerodynamic profile produces a low 0.308 coefficient of drag.

The first thing you notice about the car is its face, defined as it is by Hyundai’s signature chrome cascade grille. Its horizontal chrome slats combine with the chrome surrounds to project a bold and aggressive stance. While the grille imparts the necessary aggression, the use of projector headlamps with LED DRLs enhances the sportiness and premium aspect of the car’s appeal.

The new generation Verna exudes a style all of its own
The new generation Verna exudes a style all of its own

And it’s not as if all the action with the Verna’s styling happens at the front and silhouette. The new generation Verna’s derrière is sexier than before, thanks to the new split LED tail lamps with LED guides. The final touch to the style quotient of the new generation Hyundai Verna comes from those alluring five-spoke diamond cut 16-inch alloy wheels that add that extra dash of premiumness to the overall impression of the car.

The verna has always set  a benchmark in its segment when it comes to an extensive equipment list. The all-new Verna follows in that same tradition of introducing a whole host of class-leading features that customers will find value in. Some of them first in the segment. Here are a six that stood out for us.

Hands-free boot opening

When the Verna detects its smart key within a certain proximity for over three seconds it opens the boot automatically. So when you’ve got both your arms full of shopping the Hyundai Verna is smart enough to open the boot lid for your convenience.

Got your hands full? Just stand behind the boot for 3 seconds with the smart key in your pocket
Got your hands full? Just stand behind the boot for 3 seconds with the smart key in your pocket

Front ventilated seats with cooling

We love this one. The fifth generation of the Hyundai Verna offers ventilated and cooled seats for the first time in its segment. The driver and the co-passenger have three fan speeds to choose from too.

Cruise control

We cannot stress enough just how stress free driving on highways becomes once you have this wonderful function at your fingertips. Set a cruising speed and then just relax. Once the Verna’s first-in-class cruise control function kicks in, the only inputs you’ll have to give are the steering and braking inputs.

Headlamp cornering function

In the Verna one of the most difficult aspects of night driving has been thoroughly minimised if not eradicated. When you turn the steering wheel the corresponding cornering lamp embedded in the car’s headlamp cluster turns on to provide additional illumination around the bend – a zone that is usually left untouched by the conventional headlamps that point straight ahead. In the real world this can mean the difference between grazing the jutting boulder that you didn’t see and a spotless Verna in your garage.

Impact sensing auto door unlock

This is a deceptively humble safety feature in the all-new Hyundai Verna. Imagine being locked inside the car after a crash. It’s the stuff of nightmares. The first thing you want to do is get out and away from the vehicle. The impact sensing auto door unlock basically unlocks the car on its own as soon as an impact happens. This allows the occupants to get out of the vehicle and get to safety.

Use Auto Link to stay connected to your Verna
Use Auto Link to stay connected to your Verna

Stay connected with your Hyundai

Being able to stay connected to your car even from the comfort of your drawing room is the kind of sci-fi stuff that we’ve grown up to. The Auto Link app brings this idea from the realm of sci-fi to the real world by letting owners check on vehicle health, monitor driving pattern, manage parking, get Hyundai’s fabulous roadside assistance if needed and even book a service appointment.