Day 12 – Renault India Diamond Trail – Chennai to Vijayawada
India Diamond Trail

Day 12 – Renault India Diamond Trail – Chennai to Vijayawada

Suvrat Kothari

Day 12 – Renault India Diamond Trail – Chennai to Vijayawada

With the first stop of our second leg ticked off the list, we now headed to Vijayawada. It’s about 450km from Chennai and the roads are flawless throughout.

We didn’t enter Chennai the previous evening due to heavy traffic, and also because it was late in the evening. Entering the city would have easily taken an hour or two of our time. Hence we stayed in a hotel by the NH 32 and left early in the morning for Vijayawada. After some lip smacking south Indian breakfast like ghee roast, uttapam and dahi vada we got back onto the highway.

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Yesterday, however, was one of the hottest days on the India Diamond Trail, with temperatures hovering around 40 degrees Celsius! But there was little to worry about as the Renault Kwid’s air con cools up the cabin very well in a short amount of time. Also, frequent ‘narial pani’ stops made sure that we were well hydrated at all times. What surprised us is the fact that there are so many religious activities that take place in South India. You see processions, unique temples and thousands of devotees. The energy level of these devotees is also very high.

Starting in Vijayawada there will be a few crew changes over the next few days. We’re next headed to the port city of Visakhapatnam driving the Renault Kwid, stay tuned.

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