Day 4 – Renault India Diamond Trail – The first big milestone
India Diamond Trail

Day 4 – Renault India Diamond Trail – The first big milestone

Aatish Mishra, Pr. Corr, evo India

Aatish Mishra, Pr. Corr, evo India

Day 4 – Renault India Diamond Trail – The first big milestone

The day started in Bhuj. We knew it was an important day, and so we gave the Renault Kwid a good pressure wash even before we set off. Our destination for today, Koteshwar was a good 150km away from where we were. The plan was to drive there, bag our photos and drive back to Bhuj. This was an important first milestone on our Renault India Diamond Trail.

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Smooth roads on the first leg of the Renault India Diamond Trail keeps the Kwid happy

The road from Bhuj to Koteshwar was no longer the wide, four-laned highways that were spoiling us so far. Instead, it was a narrow road that wasn’t the smoothest with two-way traffic all the way through. The Renault Kwid loves these sort of roads — the speeds aren’t high and the soft suspension really does well to keep things comfortable in the cabin. A kilometre away from Koteshwar, you get the Narayan Sarovar. Here, you can feel the salty sea breeze and can tell you’re close.

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Koteshwar is a tiny village, but the highlight is a temple in honour of Lord Shiva. The temple site is ancient, but the temple in its current form was built in 1820. There isn’t much to do here unless you’re a pilgrim. But I guess it is a cool thing to say you’ve been to the westernmost tip of India.

Visiting Koteshwar means we’ve reached one of the four major destinations we are to visit on the drive. We’ve reached the westernmost point of India, and it’s time to head south now. However, we had enough time for a quick dash to the Rann of Kutch before we headed back to Bhuj. We’re treated to a typical Rann sunset: orange sun setting in to the horizon et al.

Tomorrow we turn south, with our destination for the night being Baroda before getting back to home turf in Maharashtra.

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