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Diamond Hunting: CEAT Milaze X3 Tyres
India Diamond Trail

Diamond Hunting: CEAT Milaze X3 Tyres

By Aatish Mishra

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Diamond Hunting: CEAT Milaze X3 Tyres

We partnered with Ceat for the India Diamond Trail, and they hooked us up with a brand new set of their Milaze X3 tyres for the entirety of the drive. These tyres have been specifically designed for good performance, with a long tread life — Ceat claims that the tyres will run 1 lakh kilometres before they need a swap. The tyre has a high rubber content that has been designed to ensure uniform wear, which goes a long way to improve fuel economy. It also gets wide circumferential grooves for better wet grip and braking, while rigid shoulder blocks offer a stable ride, and good grip while cornering hard. The tyres are tubeless, and are available in a total of 17 sizes for wheels ranging from 12 to 16 inches in diameter.
These tyres are being put to the ultimate test on the India Diamond Trail. The tyres are the only points of contact our Renault Kwid has with the road, and a good set is essential for getting us through this drive without trouble. They were called upon to prove their mettle on the first day of the drive itself, with the downpour that caught us outside Gurgaon. The roads were slick, but the Milaze X3 proved more than capable to handle the wet conditions. There were no punctures for the entirety of the drive either, despite us not being particularly kind to them. All these sideways shots of the Kwid would have seen a poor tyre give way, but the Ceats held up rather well.
The tyres allowed us good fuel economy as well. On the straighter highways where we were maintaining constant speeds, we were getting a good 19kmpl showing up on the trip computer.
The Ceats have a long way to go though. The car we swapped in at our base in Pune had a fresh set, and that one set is going to last till the end of the drive. It’s no easy task and we’ll be updating you with how they hold up.