The Start: India Diamond Trail with Renault
India Diamond Trail

The Start: India Diamond Trail with Renault

By Aatish Mishra, Pr. Corr, evo India

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The Start: India Diamond Trail with Renault

We’ve got a long, long drive ahead of us. Some 13,500km of it. But there’s no point looking at that massive number and getting daunted. We’re taking it by the day, steadily raking in those miles on the odo and should reach the end in a little over a month. This is the India Diamond Trail, where we will be tracing out the Renault Diamond logo on the Indian map by driving the Renault Kwid to the farthest corners of our country in the north, west, south and east – to Kargil, Koteshvar, Kanyakumari and Kibithoo respectively.

Driving the Renault Kwid across India

So, here’s how it is going to work. Starting Thursday, 2nd May, the Kwid with our crew will set off from Delhi and make their way south. Their first destination of consequence is Koteshvar, which lies some 1500km away. Koteshwar is one of the westernmost villages in India, beyond the Rann of Kutch and bordering south-east Pakistan. Hitting this point will mark their first major milestone – the west corner of India and the first point on the Renault Diamond. From there, the Kwid will head south to our base in Pune where the first crew change will take place. The route is pretty straightforward from there – south to Kanyakumari, before turning north and driving up the east coast of India. Getting to Kibithoo means driving through Guwahati and in to the north-east, before doubling back and heading west to Delhi. The northen-most point will be our last stop on the Renault Diamond, heading there after all the other three are done.

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This isn’t the first time we’re taking the Kwid on to the highway on a long haul across the length and breadth of India. It successfully completed the 29 Days, 29 States challenge last year and this will be another feather in its cap. We’re going to keep our social media channels updated with our adventure keep an eye out for the #RenaultDiamond and #IndiaDiamondTrail hashtags.

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