Renault India Diamond Trail with CEAT Tyres begins today
India Diamond Trail

Renault India Diamond Trail with CEAT Tyres begins today

Suvrat Kothari

Renault India Diamond Trail with CEAT Tyres begins today

Road testing and travel blogging, that’s what we do day and night and we’re absolutely relentless. Who wouldn’t want to drive exciting cars across India while exploring the hidden gems of our country? Last year in May, evo India along with CEAT drove through all the 29 states of India in a record 27 days. This was acknowledged by FMSCI and we were the first ones to do. And it wouldn’t have happened without the outstanding support from CEAT tyres which were fitted onto our Renault Kwids throughout the drive.

CEAT Milaze tyres: ideal companions on a long drive

During this drive, the brand’s Milaze range proved to be a boon. Even in the horrid terrains that some parts of India still suffer from, the grippy rubber helped our Renault Kwids stay on course. The terrain constantly changed from tarmac to rubble to gravel to muck, but the CEATs helped us stay put and progress relentlessly. Even after a few thousand kilometres, the tyres weren’t worn out and it seemed like they could do a few thousand kilometres more.

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Embarking on a new journey with CEAT and Renault

This year we’re embarking on yet another pan India drive where we will drive a Renault Kwid and a Renault Duster to all the four corners of India in a bid to carve out the Renault Diamond logo on India’s map. Our cars will be equipped with the CEAT Milaze X3 tyres and we cannot wait for the mile crunching to begin. We’re going to keep our social media channels updated with our adventure keep an eye out for the #RenaultDiamond and #IndiaDiamondTrail hashtags.

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