Rough weather at Tawang
Rough weather at TawangTata Hexa -# Drive with SOUL

#DriveWithSOUL: Day 5 of Tata Mountain Trail concludes, as we leave Tawang

After an eventful day at Tawang, we start our journey back to Dirang. The Tata Hexas and Safaris braved the rough weather and roads while cocooning us from the harsh weather. Visibility was sometimes nil and the drive turned out quite adventurous this kind of a trip was a first to many of the SOUL members.

With the last few days spent ogling at the beauty of the mountains, it was time to leave Tawang and it was pretty hard. To get out of that serenity and move back in to our chaotic lives wasn’t going to be an easy task. Which is why all the members of SOUL were disheartened at the thought of returning back from Tawang. But there was no other way round it.

We began our drive back early in the morning because we received news that there would be a military convoy on the way. That could result to a waiting time of effectively two hours. With that in mind, our SUV convoy wasted no time heading to Sela pass. The roads were in real bad shape because of a lot of trucks passing through, which loosened up the rubble, leading to loss of traction. Add to that heavy snowfall, and reaching Sela Pass was quite the challenge. But somehow the members along with their SUVs managed and we conquered Sela, again.

Sela Pass was blanketed with snow and visibility was close to zero. As the descent to Dirang began, the transition happened again. But this time it was from snow white to lush green. And we weren’t complaining because the cold weather had really gotten to us. Before Dirang, we had a quick stop at what turned to be one of the most scenic views in our trip. A waterfall. There was nothing special about it, but beauty surrounding the waterfall, the valleys, the river, the trees, that’s what made it so special. After the waterfall, we went to the Dirang monastery.

The day ended with all of us retreating to our rooms early. The route was tiring and we had an early start the next morning. Because we’d be going to Nameri and have a day of adventures like river rafting, lined up.

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