On the way to Pakke Tiger Reserve
On the way to Pakke Tiger ReserveTata Hexa -#Drive with SOUL

#DriveWithSOUL day 6: From snow capped mountains to verdant forests

The Tata Motors #DriveWithSOUL #MountainTrail turned into a #JungleTrail when we took a detour through the Pakke Tiger Reserve from Dirang. All the SOUL members had a blast on this drive as the entire trip presented them with picturesque landscapes, snow capped peaks and lush green forests.

The trip from Dirang to Nameri should’ve taken us five hours. We left our hotel in Dirang at 8am and retreated to our rooms in Nameri at 12am. It would be an understatement if I just said it was a day filled with adventure.

The drive from Dirang was pretty smooth right up till the point where BRO had closed the roads for repair. Now we had two options. Either wait till 5 in the evening for the road to open, or take a detour which would take us through a road which would add 37 kilometres more. The adventurous bunch that we are, we chose the latter. What we knew was that the detour would increase our distance by 37 kilometres. What we didn’t know was that the roads were yet to be built on the detour. In fact the roads were so deserted, Google maps hadn’t heard about it yet. With only one local guide knowing the way, we all started following him into this jungle. The terrain was harsh with not one dollop of tarmac found anywhere. We all set on this trail with all our hopes in the Hexas and Safaris we were driving, and on that one local guide.

It’s safe to say that the SUVs did not disappoint. The trail was tough, but the Tata vehicles and their drivers, tougher. The sun set quickly and we were still moving along the forest. By the time the Jungle Trail came to an end, we were only a few hours away to midnight. Everybody was exhausted, yet no one could complain. Because it was as much of an adventure for them, as it was for us.

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