Stylised simplicity and sophisticated elegance of thePassat
Stylised simplicity and sophisticated elegance of thePassat| Front three-fourth view of the Volkswagen Passat
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Living with the Passat: Part 1

Stylised simplicity and sophisticated elegance underline the road presence that Volkswagen’s flagship sedan for India has to offer

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Living with the Passat: Part 1

Freedom lies in being bold

In an automotive world where designers are constantly striving to create their idea of what should be perceived as contemporary, Volkswagen chose the path of freedom. Freedom from following the herd and trying to create ever more complex designs. Freedom to be bold by choosing to remain true to the classical roots of design and style. Nowhere is this more evident than in the company’s flagship sedan for India – the Passat.

The Volkswagen Passat – Simple yet sophisticated

Here there are no complicated cuts and slashes to mar the smooth flow of the vehicle’s flanks. No sudden sweep of the roofline to dramatise any sense of sportiness. Instead the lines are smooth and contours sharp, the silhouette simple yet sophisticated. Look at it from the side and there’s no denying that this is a classic three-box saloon and yet, it has more presence than most other similar saloon cars, thanks to its subtle musculature.

What’s more, those classical lines not only make it more visually appealing but also endow the Passat with a sense of timelessness that’s hard to ignore. Then there are those lovely LED headlamps with DRLs that give the Passat a face that communicates the difficult message of power without being threatening. Subtle, sophisticated and elegant, it is bold without being loud.

Step inside and the world of classical appeal is enhanced further

Everything here is enough. At no point in time do you see any element that feels over the top, unnecessary. The wood inserts on the dash and the doors combine with the brushed aluminium inserts, giving the Passat’s interiors an added bit of class. As does the simple analogue watch embedded in the centre of the clean dashboard. Ergonomics are absolutely top notch with each and every control within easy reach, with the controls themselves being both intuitive and easy to use. The flat bottomed leather wrapped steering wheel on the other hand adds a dash of sportiness into an appeal that is decidedly sober and sophisticated. It’s a nod to the Passat’s capabilities and performance, in spite of its grown up demeanour.

A style statement

On the whole, the Volkswagen Passat is one of those rare examples of automotive designs where the company’s designers and engineers have been able to successfully  and effortlessly merge classical with contemporary. Surely a statement in style.

“The flat bottomed leather wrapped steering wheel adds a dash of sportiness into an appeal that is decidedly sober and sophisticated”

In this brand new series on living with the Volkswagen Passat, we will explore this flagship sedan in detail. In doing so we will delve deep into its German engineering and build quality, class leading safety, its technologies and how they make life on the road easier. From the Passat’s ability to turn heads with its timeless style and turn every drive pleasant to its array of creature comforts, its aptitude as a family sedan and of course its ability to offer The Thrill of Driving, stay tuned on life with the Passat.

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