Tried and tested: Luminox Recon Series 8830 watch

Tried and tested: Luminox Recon Series 8830 watch

By Abhishek Wairagade

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Tried and tested: Luminox Recon Series 8830 watch

Military watches are damn cool and the Luminox Recon 8830 is no different. A part of the ‘land’ series, the watch is for the quintessential navigator. As Luminox suggests, it’s for someone conducting an area’s reconnaissance and hence the name. Lumninox’s other series include, space lines, air and sea. We can only ride or drive on roads as we don’t have access James Bond’s amphibian car nor do we have access to Virgin Intergalactic. The land series works perfectly for us then. Especially for someone who loves to travel at night.

The Recon 8830 is packed with tech

The Recon 8830 has a specific chapter ring that allows you to calculate your walking speed on a trail in kmph. For example, one step is considered at 2.5ft and the time you take to walk 164ft calculates your average speed. Luminox literally translates to ‘light at night’ and you’ll know why, once you take the watch out in the dark. 9-12 digits are coloured in amber light while 1-8 get a soothing fluorescent shade. The watch looks super cool in cinemas. There is also a glowing marker that points you to the North at all times. This particular 8830 example has a 360deg marker that supports directional check as well, if there is sun for company. But there’s also a compass that comes strapped to the, erm, strap to point you to the correct direction at all times.

The Luminox Recon 8830 can be used as an everyday watch

Being military grade, It is extremely rugged and even has 660ft of water resistance. The best part though is its lightweight structure. In fact, it is so light that you’ll mistake it for a fitband. And that really helps, especially if you’re riding or driving continuously. It isn’t flashy either and you’ll love it for its simplicity. Just like I did. The watch costs Rs 36000 and is available online here.

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