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Axor Che Review

The Axor Che is a part of Axor's new legendary series of helmets named after the revolutionary Che Guevara

Neo-retro seems to be the favourite flavour of motorcycle manufacturers of late. They’re turning to the past and churning out a classically styled motorcycle every now and then. Brands like Royal Enfield, Ducati and Triumph have always had an old-timer in their portfolio and in the recent past we’ve seen the resurrection of legendary brands like Jawa and Yezdi. There’s something for everyone from the lower-end of the spectrum like the Yamaha FZ-X to the higher-end like the Honda CB1000R. And a neo-retro motorcycle calls for neo-retro styled riding gear. Enter the Axor Retro Che. A part of Axor’s new Legendary Series, it is a helmet that is named after the legendary revolutionary Che Guevara.

The Axor Che’s shell is made from fibre glass and because of that it doesn’t feel heavy at all. Although it is just a half-face helmet, internally it is lined with a High-Density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner for better impact absorption. It receives a matte black paint job that is complemented by the brown colour of the inner foam and straps. Overall, the Che feels comfortable on the head because of its soft cushioning. N The adjustable nylon chin strap has a cushion too that feels comfortable as it engulfs your chin completely. There’s also a D-ring lock provided for locking support. This helmet is ISI certified and it comes with steampunk style metallic goggles that are dressed in the same leather and have a striking bronze finish. These goggles stay put when not in use by a buckle situated on the rear side of the helmet. They fit on your eyes properly, but I found that for my face they don’t offer good wind protection, mainly from the bottom. But that will differ from person to person. Axor also provides screws on the sides, if you wish to install a visor on the Che. Retro-styled helmets like the Che usually don’t have vents at the top, as it hampers their design, but you don’t need them as this is a half face helmet and there’s ample ventilation, resulting in little to no sweat on the sides and even top of your head.

The Che gets leather accents that fit its old world theme and enhance its overall look. You’ll have to be careful in the rainy season though, for the water and leather combination isn’t ideal at all! At Rs 4,994 the Axor Che might seem a bit expensive for a half face helmet, but that is backed by the fact that it is made up of fibre glass, which is usually expensive. So if you’re looking for a cool retro theme helmet this is one unit that should be high up on your consideration list

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