511 Levi’s fit great and look fantastic in deep blue
511 Levi’s fit great and look fantastic in deep blue Royal Enfield Levi’s 511 PRO motorcycle jeans

Royal Enfield Levi’s 511 Pro riding denims review

The collaboration between the two iconic brands has resulted in a pair of jeans you can wear on an evening out, and on the morning ride

Just the other day I was remarking that Royal Enfield’s merchandise line is now even cooler than their bikes and now there’s a new clothing line in collaboration with Levi’s. Under the theme ‘Stay outside’, artist Toria Jaymes has designed a range of t-shirts but what has us excited are the jackets and jeans that have a dual leisure and safety angle to them.

We are reviewing the Glitter & Dust pair of jeans, and this slim-fit, stretchy, 511 Levi’s fit great and look fantastic in the deep blue (indigo to give it the correct name), so much so that I’ve been using it as my daily pair including on all the car shoots. I guess that’s the whole point of the range, to appeal to both bikers and the fringe. I particularly like the thigh pocket on the right leg that is ideal for the bottle of sanitiser and spare mask that one cannot step out of home without. And there are reflective stripes on the sides for added visibility when you are on the bike.

While this can be your daily pair, the jeans have pockets on the inside for motorcycle armour. I have yet to source the hip armour but in the picture I am wearing the knee armour and together with the Cordura T400 denim that is claimed to have a high abrasion resistance, this works well as your everyday riding pair. The fit is such that even if you aren’t wearing a belt, the jeans don’t leave a gap or ride down at the back. I must mention that you won’t get the same amount of protection as proper riding pants so this is best used only for city rides, but this pair is also a damn sight better to spend the day in after your morning ride to work. The slim-fit does make the jeans a bit snug with the armour but that’s actually a good thing; you don’t want the protection sliding out of place in case of a fall. You also have to be careful while slipping on the jeans lest you rip off the inside pockets, and a bit of adjusting is required every time you wear it so that the armour sits in the right places. But that’s the trade-off for being able to quickly remove the armour for a night out (whenever that might be!). You will also need to cuff the pair like a hipster for your evening out, a trade off for the extra length you need to go over your riding boots while astride the bike.

The Royal Enfield Levi’s motorcycle jeans are now being offered in 10 designs
The Royal Enfield Levi’s motorcycle jeans are now being offered in 10 designs Royal Enfield Levi’s 511 PRO motorcycle jeans

The Levi’s collaboration is separate from the new Royal Enfield Meteor line that will drop to go with the launch of the 350cc replacement to the Thunderbird. In fact Royal Enfield’s merchandise line spans the whole range from safety riding gear including helmets, jackets, boots, gloves and pants to leisure wear to make you feel like a bad-ass biker while stepping out of the car.

The Royal Enfield Levi’s motorcycle jeans are being offered in 10 designs with prices ranging from Rs 4,999 to Rs 6,999 for the Glitter & Dust pair being reviewed and are available from Royal Enfield and Levis on-line and off-line stores. Level 2 knee armour will cost an additional Rs 3,000, and a similar amount for the hip armour. After using it for a month in both motorcycling and non-motorcycling applications, I will give it my stamp of recommendation. And with the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 ride round the corner, I look forward to giving it a proper work out.

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