The Royal Enfield x Knox riding gear comes with Knox's CE level 2 armour
The Royal Enfield x Knox riding gear comes with Knox's CE level 2 armourRoyal Enfield

Royal Enfield x Knox riding gear review: The value for money riding gear?

We tried out the Royal Enfield x Knox riding gear and here is what we thiink about it

We don't see ourselves just as a motorcycling brand,” says Puneet Sood, head of Royal Enfield’s apparel business. “We see ourselves as a lifestyle brand.” And keeping with that theme here’s their newest line — a range of technical gear made in partnership with Knox. This comes close on the heels of first the Levis collaboration, then the Make It Yours customisation programme and then the Meteor merchandise line. Royal Enfield’s merchandise guys have been keeping busy!

The Royal Enfield x Knox jacket gets reflective elements and costs Rs 8950
The Royal Enfield x Knox jacket gets reflective elements and costs Rs 8950Royal Enfield

Three jackets in the Royal Enfield range now get the Knox armour and we got the Explorer V3 jacket on test. This is a heavy-duty Cordura textile jacket that will work well on long distance rides, aided by the removable thermal liner that will come in handy on the next Himalayan Odyssey. There’s a breathable waterproof rain jacket that is neatly folded away in the back pocket that can work either as an inner or outer liner when you hit an unexpected shower. The jacket and even the rain overcoat gets reflective elements. In terms of armour the jacket gets Knox’s CE Level 2 Micro Lock armour for the shoulder and elbow. There’s no back protector, instead you get shock absorbent Eva foam.

The fit of the jacket is excellent, the armour is soft and comfortable in regular riding, and at Rs 8950 it is fantastic value for money. To pair with the jacket are nine gloves with Knox armour. We have the Vamos pair on test, priced at Rs 4200, which includes the Knox knuckle protector along with the scaphoid protection system. The latter ensures you slide on your palms in the event of an accident instead of sending the shock and impact up to the scaphoid bone in the wrist. And of course, keeping with the times, you can also operate your mobile phone with the gloves. In a mix of brown and black, these all-leather gloves also look quite cool and aren’t bulky which is great for city riding as well as on the highway.

Perhaps the most interesting piece from the Knox collab are these Conqueror knee guards, not just because of the price point but also because of the two CE Levels, this is the more advanced CE Level 2 certified knee guard which also protects part of the tibia. The armour itself is one-piece to keep it structurally strong but is flexible thanks to a slit.

Another benefit of these knee guards is that they are easy to put on and easy to take off. You don’t need to be wearing specific riding pants either, put them over your work trousers but don’t forget to stash them in your bag when you get there. I say don’t forget because these are very comfortable even off the saddle and you’re not aching to get them off at every stop — a great way to stay protected without breaking the bank or your knees.

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Explorer V3 Jacket | Vamos gloves

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